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Funny story; every time I saw this played at the prerelease, someone playing would forget that it didn't prevent blocking.

This is better than people give it credit for for that alone.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (5/16/2011 6:22:36 AM)


But... the flavor.
Posted By: DeathDark (5/10/2011 7:35:05 PM)


Han Solo
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (4/30/2011 11:28:57 PM)


So ridiculously good with Phyrexian Rebirth it kinda makes me want to puke (in happiness)
Posted By: Necrokeryx (4/28/2011 11:47:12 PM)


Not a bad way to buy time for a day of judgment or to stop threats that you can fly over. Currently using with mesa enchantress for spendy but nice draw option along with o-ring and journey to nowhere. I would say Cage of hands is far better vs control and forced worship wins vs agro.
Posted By: Velrath (7/31/2011 1:17:22 AM)


In a deck that doesn't need to attack to win this is a strict improvement over Pacifism; same in any deck that has enough other control tricks to get its late-game attackers through but just needs to buy time until then by holding off attacks. Sure, a lot of decks would be happier with Pacifism but I think there's a wide enough range that don't need to prevent blocking that this card deserves a decent rating.
Posted By: Sasooli (4/10/2013 7:21:02 PM)


Reusable Guard Duty. This is better than Cage of Hands because you can throw it down indiscriminately a turn earlier. Depends what you feel is more important: Not being blocked, or not being attacked.
Posted By: Minus_Prime (4/28/2011 5:19:37 PM)


Jeez, I hate it when decent cards get below average ratings like this one... It is a great spell to put the beatstick of your choice on Guard Duty. This is fairly costed, and the ability to save itself from disenchantment, or to be able to take it back and use it on another threat is really a nice tool.

yes, I can understand why some people would prefer Cage of Hands, as it is more or less the same type of card, but this is still an effective alternative. It's all about your preference... I mean this is 1 cheaper to cast, and of course the creature still has the ability to block. Not much of a setback if it fits your style of play anyway.

The flavor and artwork alone literally command respect... you gotta love phyrexian white. My only complaint with this is that it should have followed the trend and costed Phyrexian White. This is a GOOD casual magic card, and a great common. 4/5
Posted By: Hayw00d0909 (5/14/2011 5:36:22 PM)


worse than its kamigawa equivelent in cage of hands? Im ashamed Phyrexia.
Posted By: PhyrexianFailure (4/28/2011 4:04:51 PM)


Insane withsigil of the empty throne because it allows you to keep playing enchantments even when you don't draw any
Posted By: Ninjakraken (6/11/2011 7:32:37 AM)