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Not fantastic but it can be abused.

Runed Stalactite + this + Ceaseless Searblades = infinitely powerful creature
Posted By: Kurhan (12/29/2009 12:22:25 AM)


Definitely a combo card. I like it because it isn't a tap ability so it can be used when it just comes in. I have used it when I need to convert all my mana to black (IE when I had black in my Doubling Cube and Filligree Sages infinite mana deck to Soul Burn people for a shit-ton) and I need to be able to just drop it.
Posted By: Andon_A (4/1/2010 2:16:33 PM)


This plus Pawn of Ulamog, Nether Traitor and a sec engine of your choice. Sac the traitor to the engine, Pawn of Ulamog provides you with an eldrazi spawn, sacrifice that for the colorless mana and use Bog Initiate to change it to black, using that to pay for the return of Nether Traitor to the battlefield. Repeat until you get bored. Infinite of the sac engine of your choice.
Posted By: jsttu (2/22/2011 10:28:49 PM)


Fix {W}, {U}, {R}, or {1} to {B} without using Green. Powerful, very useful, and underrated at ~2.5 right now.

This is at least a 3-star card. Playing 2 or more colors rounds a deck out tremendously beyond the capabilities of a single-color deck, and that's what this card really helps you do. If you've played Skyshroud Elf, you see how this card is very powerful given its placement within the color pentad.
Posted By: humor_love (5/29/2012 7:16:17 AM)


SOme wonderful art from RK Post here.
Posted By: BuffJittePLZ (6/8/2011 11:34:13 AM)


Not a fantastic card. There are better ways to make mana black, but it could be used for a consume spirit or something.
Posted By: shady-tradesman (10/28/2009 8:02:56 PM)


This + Mana Reflection, obvious combo is obvious
Posted By: Juusto (5/26/2012 11:30:51 AM)


I liked using it in a Black/Red deck. Since it's not a very threatening card most opponents leave it alone but then BOOM! Soul Burn comes out and all of a sudden it doesn't matter if I'm using red or black mana, it's all life for me.
Posted By: OberstOz (6/10/2013 6:46:55 AM)


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