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Glad it exists but not necessarily excited. That Szadek commander deck I've been planning my want one though.
Posted By: TPmanW (10/13/2011 10:30:05 PM)


In UB control Decks, this is a very reliable win condition, especially in the mirror, and if you have a snapcaster in hand, it is always better to mill yourself, it is almost like drawing cards.
Posted By: Mattmedia (10/30/2011 5:19:27 AM)


People who are saying this is too small for a mill effect are missing the point. This isn't meant to be something you cast instead of a mill effect, or merely include in a mill deck - much like Think Twice, which is rated so low because people don't understand that it's not meant to be 3: Draw two cards.

Especially playing control, this card allows you, when you save your mana for any kind of counter or kill spell and your opponent doesn't oblige, to put that excess mana into what could be a potential win condition, or hose down cards like Ponder in a mirror. If you're playing dedicated mill ( is very potent, as you get cards such as Leyline of the Void or Haunting Echoes which are devastating), this advances your win condition using nothing but mana you weren't using anyway.

In short, it does need the right deck but in them it is a solid card.
Posted By: Mittoo (11/10/2011 5:03:10 AM)


I like it. I mean it obviously can't just be a Glimpse the Unthinkable tacked onto a land, but this fits the bill. Better than that Dimir land that only milled one, anyway.
Posted By: pedrodyl (11/11/2011 12:37:33 PM)


This card is amazing when combined with Sheoldred, Whispering one, if you mill your self. Grimgrin is another reason to mill your self...
Or Curse of Oblivion on your opponent, combined with Card removal like Surgical Extraction and Memoricide. OFC you have Effects that if you mill the wrong card just shuffle your Graveyard into your library, and start over again.
Posted By: Matsumoto (11/12/2011 12:25:02 AM)


This card was my wincon, along with Jace, Memory Adept for my first Esper Control deck. I proxied up all the shocks and this beauty, and played with my hardcore bros. this is the greatest utility card to run in a UB mill deck. I played a Draw-go strategy with that deck whenever I didn't have to Supreme Verdict the board, and this milled out all of my opponents with NO EXTEA MILL added 7 out of 10 times. The other two times were from Jace and that 1 time is when I milled myself to death with all the damn draw I had going with Azorius charm, Forbidden Alchemy, and Think twice. After so much trial and error, I'm going to run BUG Control instead of the white for Deathrite Shaman, Pongify, and Abrupt Decay, and simply replacing Supreme Verdict with Damnation (we run modern).

5/5 every UB control deck i... (see all)
Posted By: CamouFranky (7/24/2013 10:23:03 AM)


I don't see why it would be so horribly bad to use this in dedicated milling deck.

1. It's repeatable mill effect
2. It takes just a land slot in your deck
3. It's not really overcosted for it's effect.

Sure, self-milling is a strategy in Innistrad to fill your graveyard, but it's not the reason to use it as a tool of opponent milling. Not every deck you're going to face is using graveyard mechanics... and you know, while playing a milling deck, every card you can mill is good. If it's repeatable effect, better for you. If that effect don't take slot of some other spell, better for you.
Posted By: Narim (10/8/2011 1:44:32 PM)


My mill decks lands were always bland, this just adds some awesome at the end of turn for any mill deck. I'm confused why it's not more loved?
Posted By: SeiberTross (9/26/2011 1:05:31 PM)


In a Grixis Burning Vengeance deck, this reads "{1UB}, {T}, Draw three cards. Discard all land cards drawn this way."
Posted By: DacenOctavio (10/6/2011 10:22:14 PM)


Oh, c'mon, this is pretty cool! It's not an insane powerhouse, but it gives you something to do when you run outta spells! Definitely better than the 2.5 stars it has now!
Posted By: Superllama12 (9/22/2011 6:07:52 PM)