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Use with either Fastbond or Walking Atlas or Exploration.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (11/28/2010 10:24:03 PM)


Could be fun to run with cards that already make you skip your draw step: Solitary Confinement, Necropotence, Yawgmoth's Bargain.
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (1/9/2011 2:01:54 PM)


So if you had two of these out would you be required to shuffle your library twice. That kind of makes having multiples out annoying.

Anyways this will find a home in any Azusa commander deck and may be worth comboing with Sakura-tribe Scout for (often multiple) guaranteed land drops every turn.
Posted By: TPmanW (10/25/2012 7:36:19 PM)


Not really.
The land doesn't enter tapped, you only put it into your hand.
A concise de***ion for this card would rather be something like "At the beginning of your upkeep, you may skip your draw step for a Lay of the Land".
Posted By: Mode (8/4/2009 9:23:32 AM)


did no one else besides keegan realise you can have more than one at a time? Landfall =D
Posted By: ubii (7/21/2010 10:23:27 AM)


I love having two of these out.
Posted By: Keegan__ (8/24/2009 12:13:39 PM)


"Skip your draw step for a Rampant Growth"
Posted By: Vektor480 (5/13/2009 6:48:34 PM)


How about,
"You may choose to draw a basic land instead of a random card during each of your turns"
Posted By: swords_to_exile (1/8/2012 9:05:38 AM)


A powerful card for an uncommon. Don't see mechanics like this on uncommons anymore. No love.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/24/2011 1:40:54 AM)


you know what? this is a may effect, that makes it awesome. Though if you're not concerned about the mana cost too much, Abundance is better
Posted By: Kindulas (2/11/2011 4:41:40 PM)


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