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I really loved the cards in invasion that combined two abilities that were specific to each color in interesting ways. This card is just really neat to behold (must be the Melvin in me!)
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (12/26/2012 10:57:48 PM)


Savagebrain, you are correct. The sacrifice is part of the cost, paid to put the ability on the stack, and can't be paid again to activate it again, as the creature is no longer there. But, I always thought that the shade mechanic was very exploitable. People wreck with the firebreathing mechanic, and this never seems to get much use. sure, It's less useful in decks splashing red, but that's when you use Dragonskull Summit and Blackcleave Cliffs. Even without those, (I understand that the Cliffs are now going for like 13 bucks, ridiculous) it is just too exploitable and too undercosted of a combat trick. So I'm gonna say any creature with the ability merits a decent 3/5.
Posted By: 1qazxsw (11/12/2011 4:32:31 PM)


Difference between "Target creature" and "Target Creature or Player" is probably about 2*s.

That said, before M10 changes this guy could pump and kill 2 creatures, making him valuable at the time. They should reprint with the "or Player" and he'd be perfect. Pump, attack, blow up = built in Fling for massive life-point swings when the enemy is open.

Swampwalk (as mentioned) wouldn't hurt either.
Posted By: blurrymadness (2/6/2013 11:22:53 AM)


SavageBrain is right. You can't sacrifice it twice because 'sacrifice cinder shade:' is part of the cost of the ability. Once you pay it the first time, you can't pay it again because the creature is already dead.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (7/3/2009 9:14:12 AM)


Thaviel I'm not sure if your entirely right with this combo here, when you pay Red you also need to sac the shade, once sacced however the ability doesn't stack again, meaning that you need to pump it first with a lot of black mana, then use the Red, sac ability. I'm not completely sure if I'm right here, but I suggest you consult a rules guru or somebody familiar with the rules and find out if the combo is possible or not.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (6/27/2009 9:01:36 PM)


Majinara and people like majinara kill me. Learn to economy. Learn to supply & demand. Learn that this game has changed and evolved and this card right here being basically however many black mana you have is it's power and toughness till end of turn which by the way I noticed nobody else mentioned. This is not just a sacrifice waiting to happen if you have some way to generate massive black mana this creature becomes a never ending badass with a weird upkeep cost. You can make it any power you want or just let it sit. Not to mention pay to save it from any non-withering non-deathtouch damage.

Long story short this card is bad ass and things are only as cool as we make them by what other kick ass cards we are or are not used to playing.
Posted By: Mudora (4/29/2010 1:44:58 AM)


It looks like a burning turd man weaving its way through someone's colon.
Posted By: sweetestsadist (8/3/2010 7:48:04 PM)


I like this card. The two abilities work well together. 4*
Posted By: JFM2796 (7/31/2011 1:58:00 PM)


I like the idea of the card, but it's just not good enough. First, a 1/1 for 3 mana is really bad, especially requiring two colors. It should have maybe swampwalk and haste, to show it's colors, or simply higher stats like 2/2 or 3/3. And be able to target players.

But like this, it's a nice idea that is about unplayable in the end.

Posted By: majinara (4/27/2010 7:09:47 AM)


best part is, if you pay say Black Black that means that it's a 3/3. you can then pay RedRed to do 6 damage. this means 4mana for 6 dmg? not bad. BlackBlackBlack RedRedRed so thats 6 mana quite a bit but for 12damage? I don't know you decide.
Posted By: thaviel (3/11/2009 6:15:34 PM)


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