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This is not a nine mana Shock, people, this is a CREATURE that can attack and defend like most other creatures! Being able to return to your hand and/or to shock a target are bonuses to this creature, not a requirement! And because of those bonuses, this is a costly but highly versatile creature.

Why do people limit themselves to the last line of the text?

Posted By: Cyberium (3/11/2011 5:16:54 PM)


This guy got me a constructed rating above 1900 for the first time during pre-Apocalypse invasion block so I have to love him...
Posted By: Guest484062880 (6/29/2011 3:53:01 PM)


Like many many cards the guy got worse with M10s horrible rule changes. Before M10 he could kill any creature blocking him or beeing blocked by him with up to 4 toughness. I curse you M10 rule changes!

Anyway, the guy still ain't bad in slow formats like EDH or Commander.
- he gives you something to do for spare mana you have, especially after a player used mass discard (or somehow made you discard your hand)
- recursion wins slow games. And this guy is not only a creaturee that keeps coming back, but also removal that keeps coming back
- in times of need he can deal up to 4 damage to a player in a single turn
- likes to be sacced to trigger stuff like dread or gravepact or to stuff like lyzolda, the blood witch
- fun with rings of brightheart which I have in most of my commander/EDH decks, with which you can cause this guy to do 4 damage when sacced (more exactly: 2 times 2 damage)
- people are reluct... (see all)
Posted By: majinara (6/14/2012 1:26:42 AM)


He's pretty good with Sheoldred, becoming only a 3 mana shock a turn. I only do this when I have nothing better, but at least it's something. Also red is the color of Anger. As a matter of fact, this guy is very handy to have in the Sheoldred example so that you aren't forced to return your Anger to the battlefield.
Posted By: Tynansdtm (2/3/2013 12:29:14 PM)


C'mon. seriously. this guy is cool.
Posted By: face-fister (5/7/2011 2:21:21 PM)


This card is actually quite good. 3 mana for a 2/1 is nothing special. Except he can essentially be played from the graveyard for almost the same cost. And you can sacrifice him at instant speed for the damage to stop things like Trample or to use it while he's tapped.

And its not a "9 mana shock". Its a 6 mana shock at worst, and you shouldn't be playing it and sacc'ing it that quickly. Unlike hammer, its still a creature.

Finally, its amazing in draft. The three best types of cards in draft are mid-game creatures, recurring/hard to kill creatures and spot removal. This guy is all 3 of those rolled into one in extremely playable colors with lots of great support this block.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (10/9/2009 12:59:58 PM)


9 mana shock yes!!!!!!
Posted By: evenblackerlotus (9/21/2009 12:00:40 PM)


since he doesn't have haste, this is a quite costy way to deal damage. 3BlackBlackBlackRedRedRed for 2 damage every turn? if you're only going to use it like this, i prefer cantrips or Hammer of Bogardan.
Posted By: Mode (2/21/2009 9:52:05 AM)


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