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They're greeeeeeeat with Savra, Queen of the Golgari.
Posted By: LiXinjian (2/1/2010 5:23:34 AM)


Darkest Hour, Phyrexian Altar, Teysa, Orzhov Scion, Banefire/Psychic Drain/Fireball/Braingeyser/Comet Storm. Or be a cool kid and kill everyone with Horseshoe Crab + Hermetic Study/Quicksilver Dagger. Or if you want to be super silly, Blast from the Past, kicker and buyback.
Posted By: Exuberance (6/21/2010 11:20:12 PM)


combo with horde of notions and avenger of zendikar for infinite mana of any colors.
Posted By: lorendorky (7/17/2010 7:33:44 PM)


Woodfall Primus, Mighty Emergence, Greater good and Phryexian Altar. Now you can draw and play your whole deck, and destroy all their lands, artifacts, enchantments and planeswalkers.
Throw in Emerakul for infinite turns
Posted By: rembrajn (12/9/2010 11:12:17 AM)


This + Extractor Demon + 2 Nether Traitor = Win.
Posted By: Beekhead (12/12/2010 1:58:52 PM)



Phyrexia was mostly black but a few Phyrexian cards use blue or red mana (black's allied colors). Tsabo Tavoc (quoted on both this and Phyrexian Lens) is black/red. Plague Spores is also black/red and Phyrexian Infiltrator, while mono-black, has an ability that uses blue mana. Both of these cards also have a quote from Tsabo Tavoc, interestingly enough. There's also Phyrexian Tyranny which is all three.

Going back earlier we have Phyrexian Purge which is black/red. Volrath, who is mono-black himself, has a bunch of associated cards in other colors - Volrath's Curse, Volrath's Shapeshifter, and Whim of Volrath in blue and Volrath's Gardens in green(!). Volrath also has the Dream Halls inside his stronghold, and according... (see all)
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (1/21/2012 1:10:28 PM)


This card would be great to give an Eldrazi Spawn to.
Turns colorless mana into colored mana.
Posted By: infernox10 (6/2/2010 11:43:54 PM)


Great flexible card, good at powering any tribal/token deck. I personally use it in my cleric deck (along with goodies like Rotlung Reanimator and Mirror Entity (or conspiracy) to generate multiple infinite combo's. Great for that last touch of mana and other card's such as grave pact.

Great card all in all, just terrible in most decks, gotta be used appropriately, as must all cards.
Posted By: Callipsa (10/23/2009 8:14:51 AM)


it would be fun to sacrifice all your creatures with this to provide enogh mana fora living dead
Posted By: 18scsc (7/15/2010 11:14:58 AM)


I don't understand the flavor of this and of Phyrexian Lens.
There are both phyrexian artifacts right? But all Phyrexians are black so why should they want to produce mana of other colors?
Posted By: Ameisenmeister (9/5/2010 5:35:34 AM)