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So this is how the Phyrexians beat the Mirrans. The resistance was really counting on their Arcbound murder machines that had been so feared under Memnarch's reign.

It came as a nasty surprise to the Mirrans when one Thrummingbird armed with one Torpor Orb made every Arcbound construct on Mirrodin fall apart.
Posted By: volkiteSerpenta (4/7/2014 12:04:59 PM)


I am Lord of Tresserhorn and i approve this message.
Posted By: myblackplague (5/29/2011 5:39:27 PM)


Phyrexian Dreadnought approves
Posted By: Bass1987 (4/28/2011 6:37:52 PM)


Of course there's Phyrexian Dreadnought, but don't forget about Eater Of Days, Leveler or even Sky Swallower either. I smell an Armageddon themed deck...
Posted By: Splizer (5/29/2011 3:54:08 AM)


"I was going to kill this guy with my deathtouch, but I don't feel like it."
-Phage the Untouchable
Posted By: RocketLobster (2/22/2013 1:24:58 AM)


Clearly, the Phyrexians invaded Mirrodin just so they could cast their Dreadnoughts on turn 3 without any mana ramping.

(Yes, I know Stifle is quicker, but it's also around $70 for a playset.)
Posted By: Zetan (6/11/2011 7:40:41 AM)


If flicker effects really takes off in Standard, this card is gonna be vital. Get 'em now while they're cheap!
Posted By: Toquinha1977 (4/30/2012 1:26:08 PM)


I guess it shows how bad I am at this game, but my first thought on seeing this card was "Phage the Untouchable EDH is now possible!"

Seriously, though, I didn't expect Wizards to keep printing cards like this one that just turn the whole game upside down. It can mightily interfere with your opponents' combos, help with your own combos... Torpor Orb does it all. Johnnies are going to be abusing this puppy for years. Bravo, R&D.
Posted By: Japicx (5/1/2011 4:36:11 PM)


That shady duder in the background totally just tried to trigger an ability when he entered the battlefield and doesn't know what went wrong.
Posted By: My_Name_Is_Kaz (8/16/2011 10:12:06 AM)


... This card is nuts.
Posted By: Bursama (5/31/2011 11:51:55 AM)


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