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I may just be getting old, but this just screams Fungusaur to me. =D
Posted By: Zarth2k (6/22/2011 1:49:58 PM)


The Squirrells are...well, not coming BACK any time soon, like, in a regular set. probably. I hope not. BUT- wizards recognizes that some players LOVE THEM- so we have this, Swarmyard, and Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil, and I'm sure in a few months there will be something else to remind people of that thing that was stronger than Faeries or Jund, and sillier than Goblins. Remember the Squirrels!
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/21/2011 11:52:47 PM)


Kills utility X/1s for a price (GODDAMMIT RHYS, STAY DEAD), but the main use is in pinging your own dudes. 1 a turn cycle for a reliable squirrel is in practice really good. My main gripe with this is the lack of funny flavour text.

Also Phytohydra. And, oddly enough, Ghave.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (6/24/2011 9:33:12 PM)


Sorry I killed your Dark Confidant. Here's a squirrel.
Posted By: SirZapdos (8/9/2012 7:45:09 AM)


Sort of burying the lead there, since the squirrel part is way more important than the damage part. Then again, it kinda has to be worded that way.

It's mostly a token producer, that'll give you some pain if you don't have a tougher creature out but by 4 mana you probably will and if you get Wrathed you'll generally be happy to take the point anyway. The activation cost is low; you could probably get something better in green but you're not always going to go green. Plus you get extra utility in the ability to turn your opponents utility creatures like Prodigal Pyromancer into squirrels, or even get that extra point of damage to take down a big gun.

I don't imagine going for the head will usually be useful for anything more than the final point of damage, but let's not get greedy. Or run Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and DO get greedy. :)
Posted By: Tanaka348 (6/21/2011 11:20:54 AM)


I have used this as a finisher in an EDH game with my friend, it is an awesome card and you must admit that killing people with squirrels and acorns is pretty cool.
Posted By: thepillow (8/26/2011 6:23:52 PM)


1. Put a bunch of these in your deck, along with some Plant creatures.
2. Opponent plays with a zombie-themed deck.
You are now playing a card-version of Plants vs. Zombies.
Posted By: Totema (9/26/2011 4:10:40 PM)


Stuffy Doll!!!!!
Posted By: Superllama12 (11/17/2011 4:47:30 PM)


This card is absolutely nuts!

Yea, I feel terrible just for typing that.
Posted By: faisjdas (6/16/2011 3:57:45 PM)


If this doesn't come with a new Squirrel Token, I shall be mildly annoyed.
Posted By: Queegon (6/16/2011 4:00:18 PM)


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