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This card continues a trend in Innistrad of Blue/White being incredibly rugged - so many, many ways to dull your opponents advances in a draft.
Posted By: Hanksingle (10/22/2011 7:20:55 AM)


My BlueWhite Isperia the Inscrutable EDH deck is going to love this. This card will fit nicely with Radiant, Archangel, Pride of the Clouds, Gravitational Shift and Soulcatcher.
Posted By: TheRiver (9/24/2011 5:19:52 AM)


Perfect for White and Blue which have very little creature graveyard recursion.
Yeah, you, lazy dead bird!
Get back up here and do something useful.
Posted By: thebroodwarjc (9/22/2011 6:57:56 PM)


Ok, it's hard not to like token generating land, no matter how horrible the activation cost is. But for 3 (uses a Tap) and an exile of a graveyard card (in a color that LIKES it's own creatures dying: Doomed Traveler, etc), I love it. One of the best of the cycle.

For anyone that wants to see the whole cycle:
Gavony Township
Kessig Wolf Run
Moorland Haunt
Nephalia Drownyard
Stensia Bloodhall
Posted By: OmegaSerris (9/25/2011 12:59:05 PM)


That looks kinda like a mansion. A haunted mansion.

The kind of haunted mansion, say, an italian plumber's brother might own...
Posted By: Villainous1 (11/3/2011 12:54:58 PM)


Even though I'm not a huge fan of spirits... 5/5!
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (9/22/2011 10:02:48 PM)


And I thought Vitu-Ghazi was already good.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (9/23/2011 1:48:37 AM)


just friggin useful.
Posted By: Aun (9/23/2011 1:43:50 AM)


For WU control, it puts Kjeldoran Outpost to shame, and I've been on the losing end of that land too many times.
Posted By: kiseki (9/24/2011 2:39:12 AM)


One-of for Bant Pod?
Posted By: scorpiolegend (9/24/2011 9:17:08 PM)