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You gotta love firster-strike!
Posted By: A0602 (9/23/2011 10:50:41 AM)


It's like, even faster than first strike, if you think about it.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (9/22/2011 10:19:44 PM)


This guy'll be great in Limited. There are a lot of 1-toughness creatures in Innistrad.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (9/22/2011 5:45:45 PM)


Can't wait to use with Deadly Allure in draft
Posted By: ChainedNBeaten (2/11/2012 12:40:22 PM)


Hello there, Throat Wolf.
Posted By: KicktheCAN (7/11/2012 6:44:18 PM)


So much better than Goblin Piker. I will run this in a heartbeat if I get it.
Posted By: Dragonmaster3.0 (9/22/2011 3:06:05 PM)


Yeah, this card will be a limited all-star for red. Aggressive, and if they want to kill it they have to use a guy with at least 2 toughness, which a lot of early creatures don't have.
Posted By: asmallcat (9/23/2011 10:27:07 AM)


I had a lot of success with this guy in the pre-release, especially if i could make him bigger somehow. he will deal 3 damage to a creature in combat, one of which is preemptive, possibly killing the creature before combat damage is dealt. surprisingly powerful 2 drop, may see constructed.
Posted By: jsttu (9/24/2011 8:18:35 PM)


That's the main reason I don't like playing younger players at a tournament. You feel so guilty about having to tell them that something they had worked hard for wouldn't really go as planned. But then I wonder about how many young kids are couched into taking advantage of that feeling.. Just not as fun...

And giving this creature deathtouch turns it into a better Thicket Basilisk. This is pretty much the ultimate deathtouch/first strike combo you can pull. Gets around hexpoof and shroud, so toss a Lure on him and laugh maniacally.
Posted By: BastianQoU (9/25/2011 1:12:24 PM)


I ran a ridiculously off-flavor combo with this dude in pre-release. I equipped him with both the Sharpened Pitchfork and the Blazing Torch.

My opponent attacked, I blocked a toughness 5 creature of his. Ashmouth Hound deals it one damage, then two first strike damage, and THEN I tapped him, sacced the Torch, and burned the attacker.

And my hound lived on!

(I still didn't win that game, though...)
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/26/2011 5:45:54 AM)