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This card is amazing! The effects stack, so a bolt with two of these on the field would be 12 damage, and so on. It gets wicked sick.

For best use Incandescent Soulstoke for a Nova Chaser and Fling It!

To help reduce costs add a few Smokebraider 's or Brighthearth Banneret to your deck.
Posted By: Bagpiper_Steve (11/21/2010 10:14:15 AM)


A lot less dangerous than Furnace of Wrath. When I got two of these I stripped the furnaces out of my burn deck and replaced them, prompting an evolution from plain burn to a burn/elemental deck as I also added in a couple of Soulbright Flamekins and Flamekin Harbingers amongst others, which has been working out a lot better for me.
Posted By: Concerned_Bystander (9/23/2011 12:35:04 AM)


Excellent. Works perfectly in the vast majority of Burn decks.
@just1micky Actually, no. It's doubled for each Fire Servant. IE Lightning bolt with one is six, lightning bolt with two is 12, and lightning bolt with 3 is 24.
Posted By: atemu1234 (7/15/2012 6:50:16 PM)


Run with Shivan Meteor.

Take that Birds of Paradise!
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (2/22/2011 7:26:22 PM)


I'm sorry, but 5 mana is not too much for this guy. He's a 4/3 for gods sake! Totally sexy.
Posted By: dberry02 (1/10/2011 8:23:15 PM)


Run it with Comet Storm.
Posted By: KingRusty (11/30/2010 5:53:32 PM)



The rulings for multiple instances of Fire Servant are the same as those for Furnace of Rath.

"8/15/2010 If you control more than one Fire Servant, the effects are cumulative. Two such effects will cause damage from red instant or sorcery spells you control to be multiplied by four; three such effects will cause damage from red instant or sorcery spells you control to be multiplied by eight."

So, theoretically, with 4x Fire Servants and 4x Furnaces of Rath, you could get a —Āumulative 2^8x (or 256x) multiplier on any red instants or sorceries you cast. A Lightning Bolt cast under these conditions would deal a ridiculous 768 damage for {R}.
Posted By: Rendin (10/1/2011 11:35:28 AM)


Am I correct in saying that running this guy with Furnace of Rath would make every red spell of yours packs 4 times the damage?

This would definitely turn Goblin Grenade Into Gobin Nuclear Bomb instead - 20 damage with 1 mana. Lightning Bolt hits for 12. Use with Chandra Ablaze for extreme overkill with her ultimate ability!

Oh. And Pyromancer Ascension.
Posted By: Arachnos (2/6/2011 2:51:56 PM)


Good or not (it is, though a tad overcosted), I think this is one of the best-looking foils in the whole deck.
Posted By: Detonativity (11/20/2010 2:31:16 PM)


Wile 5 is a bit much. Hit 6 for Red is just brutal!
Posted By: John-Bender (12/24/2010 8:00:38 PM)


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