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This is the quintessential burn card. Kinda wish they gave it special art for the premium deck.
Posted By: RazzmatazzTheGreat (11/19/2010 8:23:24 AM)


I have carefully locked out a creature assault with Ensnaring Bridge and land destruction, only to die to a Lightning Bolt off a topdecked Taiga or whatever, more times than I care to count.

The card text is so agonizingly close to haiku:

Lightning Bolt, when cast,
Deals three damage to target
Creature or player.

How serene. Alternatively:

There once was a sculptor named Jace
With self-confidence slightly misplaced:
He could brainstorm for free
And unsummon Tarmy,
But he died to a Bolt to the face.
Posted By: Salient (8/26/2011 9:19:16 PM)


Combos with Mountain.
Posted By: Condor_96 (10/13/2011 7:15:47 PM)


Nothing quite like the feeling after you draw your initial hand to be greeted with three lightning bolts, turn 1 lightning bolts have ignited more "screw you"'s then doom blade for me, and the supreme sense of satisfaction never goes away.
Posted By: Lord_FarkwadtehThird (1/1/2011 8:29:07 PM)


I like the new border along with the centered wording and absense of flavor text. Iconic cards like Lightning Bolt can make such simplicity elegant.
Posted By: scumbling1 (5/17/2011 8:03:47 AM)


I'm surprised that they chose a card as obscure as this for the Fire and Lightning deck over something more obvious like Glitterfang.
Posted By: Templar314 (11/20/2010 1:13:01 PM)


Marry me, Bolt. I'm sorry I cheated on you with Dismember. . . please, now those Mirran Crusaders won't leave me alone!
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/5/2011 12:22:35 AM)


No! The official M12 card database is up, and this isn't gonna be there! We're gonna get Shock back! On another note, though, we get Goblin Grenade, which will be nice, but I WANT MY BOLTY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Superllama12 (7/6/2011 11:21:03 AM)


Is M12 is the first core set where NONE of the original boon cycle was reprinted? Neither this nor Giant Growth (because of how good it is with infect?) made it.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (9/1/2011 11:34:57 PM)


Avatar of Wurms, you seem to have forgotten the word 'sarcasm'. its a funny comment because Glitterfang IS obscure! :D

In the meantime, I pre-ordered 2 of these for the price of 1, just to get the Judge Promo Art Grim Lavamancers.

When I opened them, and saw Eight Foil Lightning Bolts in front of me, my thoughts went like this-

1. cool Bolts. :
2. wait, duh. Bolts. :P
3. hey its a playset. are precons allowed to have playsets now? :)
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

and of course, everything else was just....lets just say I set a lot of Islands on fire that day.

literally, if you go outside, and you take a magnifying glass, and you line it up with a Foil Lightning Bolt just right, you can actually BURN target creature for 3 damage! 120 Foil cards made short work of my Zendikar non-full art islands. >:D
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/19/2011 1:03:51 AM)


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