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you know what I love most about this card? see the creature to the immediate right of the ruby in the center of an amulet? yeah, that's a sharktopus. thumbs up, wizards, thumbs up for putting a sharktopus on such an awesome card.
Posted By: Richochet_Shaman (7/20/2011 6:17:30 PM)



Yeah, you aren't casting the creature care in your hand, you're putting it onto the battlefield. Therefore you can put a the Myr Superion into play. By the same effect, you couldn't put a into play Phage without losing, and a creature with a "When you cast this creature" effect (such as the eldrazi) won't have those effects activated.
Posted By: SarpNasty (7/15/2011 8:55:47 AM)


@ Sir Malkin - I believe those who became "part of its ornate carvings" are the creatures you are summoning with the amulet (I didn't immediately grasp it either).
Posted By: Stray_Dog (7/18/2011 10:46:38 AM)


I have a feeling this will see a lot of play (probably in playsets) when Innistrad comes out. The double-sided flip cards that transform when no spells are cast in the turn will transform at the next upkeep after they are put onto the field with Quicksilver Amulet's effect, that is, if no spells were played. In the end you might get a 6/4 for 4 CMC, or likewise, a 4/6 for 3 CMC (Tormented Pariah and Villagers of Estwald when Innistrad is released).
Posted By: Kura-san (9/17/2011 9:04:34 PM)


You don't know why people hate this card? Are you that daft? It's colorless, immune to creature removal, can be used the turn it comes out, and can drop creatures of any color for players playing any color. All of these things you are aware of, but apparently you think it's fair to get game-ending creatures out exceptionally early. I would agree this is 'fair' in a tournament setting, but in a casual setting, it isn't particularly fun to play against.
Posted By: igniteice (3/8/2013 8:44:19 PM)


My favorite part about this card? A tap ability that is also a "may" ability.

"Yeah I'll tap four and quicksilver amulet and do nothing"
Posted By: bertuccia32 (12/12/2013 12:46:38 PM)


Those who examine the amulet too closely have been known to see all of the Praetors crammed together into the General Lee, driving at full speed towards their face.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (7/12/2011 12:27:10 AM)


Urza Block Reprint makes me question.
Posted By: TheSwarm (7/7/2011 10:13:44 PM)


They seriously need to get this guy to do more art. Look on the gatherer, he's only done something like ten cards, and each one of them have INCREDIBLE art. I want to be able to make a Brad Rigney deck some day.

Oh! And don't forget: this isn't just a "reduce the CMC of fatties" card. It also effectively gives your creatures flash. It is fun to watch the other guy sweat as you're sitting pretty with 4 untapped lands on his turn.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (2/8/2012 10:55:50 PM)


Because elvish piper & master transmuter had the disadvantage of being a creature.
Posted By: DlCK (7/8/2011 3:19:39 PM)