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This vow is one of the best along with Vow of Malice because it makes the creature a really good attacker, which is what you want it to be doing most of the time. Eventually you'll have to attack through your nasty creation if it doesn't die earlier.
Posted By: djflo (6/17/2011 7:49:44 AM)


Wow, cool idea! Force an opponent's creature or general to attack a different player and deal more damage to them, or pump up one of your own. A very efficient mana cost, too.

I think I'm going to love this card once Commander comes out

Posted By: Fert12334 (6/16/2011 4:46:34 PM)


3 mana for a perma-Giant Growth and trample for one of your own critters? Why waste it on an opponent??
Posted By: Alsebra (6/30/2011 6:51:55 AM)


This is my favorite vow for one simple reason: it's green (pseudo)creature removal. While the other Vows are interesting cards, this one actually manages to address a huge shortcoming for it's color.
Posted By: scumbling1 (6/16/2011 7:19:40 PM)


It'd almost be good enough to be worthwhile if you could only use it on your own creatures, but the versatility of using it on an opponent's creature too puts it over the top.

As an aside, it seems like this would go really well with a Sheltering Ancient in multiplayer. Well, any Vow would, really, but this is the best of the Vows, and in the same color.
Posted By: sonorhC (7/26/2011 10:05:01 PM)


Karona, the False God
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (7/31/2011 10:27:32 AM)


Well green also now has Prey Upon for more direct removal...
Posted By: Arachobia (10/29/2011 3:22:27 AM)


@sc umbling1: just keep in mind that this is probably the best card green will ever have for removal. Remember the Color Wheel-

Now, I think one single card out of the whole game doesn't harm the game too much, it WOULD be bad if Green ever got good removal frequently. Read MaRo's work on the subject. Hornet Sting is maybe not so dangerous, except in Limited it does exactly what we don't want happening. Just combining any two colors already gives you quite a lot of flexibility and meets needs- three closes all the gaps and still doesn't stretch your mana base too far.

If you only needed one color to do whatever you damn well pleased, then that color would instantly get as much hate as old blue. Still, on one card, and an Aura to boot, within a cycle, and it doesn't actually grave them..this is just within the boundary of ok for Green. Do not expect this sort of love in the future, basically ever.
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/9/2011 3:45:09 AM)


This cannot be your only method of removal, because creatures with static effects will continue to be a thorn in your side. It does make for good incidental removal if you also have some hexproof creatures in your deck.
Posted By: kiseki (2/13/2012 2:29:47 PM)


@sonorhC: You know, you can cast this on your own creature if you so desire.
Spearbreaker Behemoth probably wouldn't be a bad target.

And while this isn't permanent removal, it brings a lot of negotiation and fun to the multiplayer scene because you can cast this on an opponent's creature and not worry about it backfiring on you later in the game. They'd have to remove the enchantment in order to attack you with their creature. The best target I could think of would probably be another player's Ruhan of the Fomori.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (4/21/2012 3:45:13 AM)