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Oddly enough, dies to doomblade
Posted By: Averyck (2/6/2012 3:49:09 PM)


I think this card should be reprinted as:

-2 U MAD?
Posted By: BrightOrangePants (7/21/2011 10:04:59 PM)


When I opened the first pack of my sealed pool at the M12 prerelease, a foil copy of this guy fell out of the back of the pack. And so, my first card from M12 was a foil Gideon.

It was the greatest day.
Posted By: The_Trendkill (7/11/2011 6:19:31 AM)


Rating Planeswalkers compared to other cards is easy. They are free spells every turn, and the syngergies they line up mean they are really all undercosted. Compare them to enchantments, artifacts, or creatures. They are way better than anything else in the Modern frame. Every one of them. Or nearly every one of them. They are card advantage on crack.

Comparing Walkers to each other is much more difficult. Many pages could be written about which one is better, and why, and you could get a lot of different answers. Jace is amazing yes. If you forget about Bolt though, and Brainstorm first instead of Fateseal, he's easily killed. That's a surprisingly easy greedy mistake to make. Bolas has more sheer power tacked onto him than anybody except maybe Emrakul. Cheats have been found for Emmy. When the equivalents are found for Bolas, and he starts coming down on crazy ridiculous turns (like say, 4. or even 3.) then people will be more than willing to run him as much as they did Jace. His... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/26/2011 1:01:52 PM)


Great planeswalker. I like the synergy between the first and second abilities. He can also really be a game-winner. I threw him in my soldier deck because I could, and my token army attacks for the win the turn after he uses his +2. He really exceeded my expectations.

Also, he has wonderful synergy with Tamiyo, the Moon Sage.
Posted By: KokoshoForPresident (5/30/2012 1:07:34 PM)


Passing a sealed prerelease pool with Gideon Jura, a Day of Judgement and 3 Gideon's Lawkeeper stung...it stung even more when the guy who got the pool (seated across from me) looked at Gideon in bewilderment, then looked at me, and proceeded to ask me what a planeswalker was, and how they worked.
Posted By: tcollins (7/10/2011 10:44:33 PM)


"My name is Gideon and I'mabout tew dai."
Posted By: infernox10 (10/9/2012 9:40:49 AM)


I remember when Gideon was first spoilered back in Eldrazi. Some people foresaw the impact he was going to have, but most thought that the 5 CMC was just too much for him to overcome. And despite being one higher than the magic number, he did indeed turn out to be a powerhouse.

Now, we have the same card, reprinted in a set where only one 'walker has a lower mana cost, as well as a decent cycle (Gideon's Lawkeeper and Gideon's Avenger). Something tells me we're going to be seeing a lot more of this guy!
Posted By: Lyoncet (7/7/2011 7:51:30 PM)


am I the only one to see the storm crow in the top right corner?
Posted By: marwinshieldscale (11/2/2011 7:01:51 PM)


I remember reading a webcomic (FiveColorControl, I think) in which Gideon was doing a training montage, rocky style, with Ajani.

I find that very amusing.
Posted By: WateryMind (7/7/2011 7:28:31 PM)