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This is limited gold and FAR superior to Ice Cage.

1. It is not destroyed when targeted by an ability, meaning your opponents have to spend a card to remove it.

2. The creature is still tapped when this gets destroyed, so the most obvious cards used to destroy this (creature pumps) do not function outside of destroying this. The only exceptions are Spidery Grasp and other untappers, which I believe are all but nonexistent in Avacyn Restored.

No, it's not perfect and Blessings of Nature or auras will destroy it without wasting a card, but it is solid blue removal. I advise that you always run it if you're looking for a 23rd.
Posted By: Tapir (5/4/2012 12:15:19 PM)


A different version of Ice Cage, huh.
Posted By: Binaro (4/28/2012 11:09:57 AM)


I love it when people pass these to me in draft, repeatedly. I then use them to tap down their beaters and bombs while I swing my way to victory. Easily underestimated, undervalued card for limited imo.
Posted By: joeah100 (5/21/2012 3:12:02 AM)


"We know you guys are sick of seeing Ice Cage, so here's something we hope you'll enjoy instead."
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/27/2012 12:57:36 AM)


Looks like Peter Parker got excited on this guy.
Posted By: lorendorky (4/26/2012 11:49:00 PM)


Worse than Sleeping Potion, which is already bad, since it doesn't tap the creature.
Posted By: Corey_bayoudragonfly (5/10/2012 12:21:10 PM)


This may be acceptable in Limited where creature removal is scarce, but it is not acceptable in any other format--including Standard--where most opponents won't bat an eye at it, considering the myriad of ways to remove it. As for me, I'll stick with Curse of Chains.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (4/30/2012 1:12:48 PM)



Posted By: RedAtrocitus (8/16/2012 3:27:52 PM)


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