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"Sorry Ted, but we're letting you go. You've been coming in late, you screwed up the quarterly report, and you've become a zombie in addition to your other creature types."
Posted By: Tacho (5/27/2012 4:31:16 PM)


Now i can use call to the grave and noxious ghoul in my zombie deck without damaging my grave titan, the lords should make up for the -1/-1
Posted By: Mic85 (4/30/2012 12:43:57 AM)


Outclassed by Tragic Slip in every way, unless for some reason you want to make a 1+X/1+X into an X/X zombie?

On a sidenote... this gives me a Scarface poster flashback
Posted By: ZephyrBlayze (5/2/2012 8:42:56 AM)


I guess it DOES help w/ 'Protection from Zombies' and taking out small creatures, but I can't really think of another use for it.
Posted By: Binaro (4/28/2012 10:48:15 AM)


maybe I'll put this in my deck on top of Havengul Runebinder - atleast I think he's a 2/2 - so that I can use him and call to the grave.... >.>
Posted By: Niner9 (5/4/2012 7:34:35 AM)


Ugh, this would be so "playable" if it had Flash. As it is, I just dont know.
Posted By: Yezzerat (5/4/2012 3:16:05 PM)


Exists only to make Diregraf Escort feel good about himself.
Posted By: Sliver_Legion (8/12/2012 8:16:57 AM)


Grand Admiral Thrawn? is that you?
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/29/2012 7:06:36 PM)



He looks like he's already an alcoholic dad who hits his son with a belt and now he's seething with zombie desire for... BRAINNNNNSSSS!!!!!!
Posted By: lorendorky (4/26/2012 10:39:42 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!