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Leave my Groundskeeper alone!
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/27/2012 12:54:24 AM)


Primordial Hydra screams for this card, I got around 80 life from using this card against a doom blade.
Posted By: HeWench (7/5/2012 2:06:11 PM)


Fringe playable? I like it as green removal-counterspell with added lifegain.
Posted By: Vividice (4/26/2012 5:29:28 PM)


Well, hello there, I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Lord of Extinction... I think you two are going to have some fun together...

Or would make a nice combo with Tree of Redemption or Blightsteel Colossus... or even Emrakul the Aeons Torn ... I could usually use a boost by the time I get him out...
Posted By: multiversecomicshop (4/28/2012 6:04:37 PM)


I was kinda looking forward to more green hexproof creatures. Instead, hexproof went to 2 blue creatures and a mostly white creature. I feel a bit bad for mono-green.
Posted By: tomatopotato (4/30/2012 7:06:52 AM)


Well hello there Spider Tribal!
Posted By: DritzD27 (6/6/2012 8:54:15 PM)


Avacyn Restored seems to be a set built around Limited. Hopefully that means it will be fun playing in that format--since very few of these cards will see play elsewhere.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (4/29/2012 10:14:46 PM)


I think this will be replacing Ranger's Guile in most decks that use it. I think the lifegain is worth a lot more than a temporary +1/+1, even if this is a little more expensive.
Posted By: JRE47 (4/26/2012 7:19:47 PM)


I'd play ranger's guile over this. Why? First it costs less mana, which is always nice. Second: the +1/+1 can swing around combat, causing your guy to kill a blocker or the creature it blocks, and survive an otherwise lethal attack to boot. And third: it's more damage, which means it can kill an opponent. That seems to be more important to me, than lifegain.
Posted By: majinara (4/29/2012 8:35:12 AM)


Every creature you want to save has huge toughness anyway. Definite playable, just find the right deck.
Posted By: blindthrall (5/6/2012 2:02:33 AM)


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