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Add another card to the turn-1 land enchantment list: outclasses Lush Growth, but comparing it to Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth is tough because they're clearly for a different type of deck.

Enchantress decks running more than a couple colors might enjoy this one a lot, though. More cards! Plus this one's beautiful for mana-fixing in pauper.
Posted By: steev (4/26/2012 5:09:27 PM)


This seems to have a similar combo with Arbor Elf, like when it did Fertile Ground.
Posted By: Dranke (7/18/2012 6:49:35 PM)


It's essentially a Prophetic Prism for G, and Prism wasn't a bad card to begin with. I like it.
Posted By: Gear61 (4/29/2012 12:31:33 AM)


It may not be an auto-include, but this is one hell of a card for multi-color decks. It won't ramp you, but it's a lot more durable than a Birds of Paradise.
Posted By: ZephyrBlayze (4/29/2012 12:03:53 PM)


Cantrippers also benefit you if you have a super awesome card that you would want to run 5 (or more) of in your deck (but are obviously not allowed to). A deck with four manamorphose is effectively a 56 card deck.

One mana-cantrippers (like this card) can also help out this way, provided that you can spare the mana. It's a bonus when the card gives you a nice effect, like filtering for any coloured mana you like.

Posted By: fibonacci112358 (4/30/2012 11:50:21 PM)


I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to use mine with Emancipation Angel for card advantage along with my fixing.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (5/2/2012 12:07:44 PM)


This aura also removes the problem of certain lands that:

1) Cannot tap for mana, such as search lands and Glacial Chasm, to name two.
2) Have penalty for tapping mana, like Ancient Tomb and such.

Simply put, turns a land into a City of Brass without the damage.
Posted By: Cyberium (4/26/2012 7:12:51 PM)


It doesn't accelerate your mana, but it's decent mana fixing without any card disadvantage. I like it.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (4/27/2012 8:50:02 PM)



One of the best cards which comes with AVR!

- Colorfixing without carddisadvantage!
- It's common! Cheap and reliable Manafixing in Pauper & Casual decks :)
- While not accelerating like Fertile Ground does this is a solid T1 Play and the +1 Card is often more important than the ramp effect (for Ramp you would rather play other cards than Fertile Ground)
Posted By: Vividice (4/26/2012 4:52:10 PM)


Pretty sweet mana fixer, played with it alot at the prerelease today. The cantrip is icing on the cake. One of my favorite cards in the set. It let me get my Sigarda, Host of Herons out on multiple occasions.

However, alot of people are misunderstanding this card. Please don't make the mistake of thinking this ramps your mana like wild growth. It doesn't.
Posted By: Laguz (4/29/2012 1:38:39 PM)


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