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Try not to get him flickered when he's alone on the field...
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (4/26/2012 7:34:04 PM)


Don't forget that you have to sac another creature when undying triggers and he comes back into play.
Posted By: JackNSwindle (4/27/2012 4:07:39 AM)


Not too many evasive and aggressive four-drops. This has a place in my B/G Token Birthing Pod deck. Only going to run one, but this guy is going to do wonders for me.
Posted By: A0602 (4/28/2012 2:11:37 PM)


good in undying & persist decks, the sac ability could be useful if there are other cards to take advantage of that, but could be a drawback. In a demon / human themed deck, it could be a lot of fun.
Posted By: MANABURNWASGOOD (5/2/2012 8:02:27 AM)


Is he a smoker?
Posted By: atemu1234 (5/19/2012 3:13:17 PM)


Really good black card. Probably going to see a lot of play in mono black. Fits best in undying deck.
Posted By: Ghostmyth (4/26/2012 9:07:26 PM)


There's so much value going on in this card. For AVR sealed, it would be unlikely to lose once you drop him, if you have a deck tailored to him. Unfortunately he doesn't synergize too well with other in-set Demons (who need to be alone in the first place to work, thus making it difficult to have enough creatures out to not mind saccing this one). Seems like he would run well in an aggressive R/B build with Thatcher Revolt and whatnot.
Posted By: ichorNet777 (4/26/2012 7:16:40 PM)


T1: Young Wolf/Gravecrawler.
T2: Blood Artist/Butcher Ghoul.
T3: Geralf's Messenger, or Soulcage Fiend for the more casual.
T4: Demonlord of Ashmouth, sac Messenger.
T5: Vorapede
T6: Soul of the Harvest/Harvester of Souls.

Splash in Killing Wave to wipe the board/hurt opponents, while sacrificing your undying creatures to make them bigger (Blood Artist may win it for you right there). Swing with fatties.

Tragic Slip and Caravan Vigil make great support cards here.
Posted By: zinliah (4/29/2012 7:05:11 AM)


infinitely better with a good token engine. giving Persist to THIS Undying creature won't work without tokens, but might be a hoop worth jumping through for the reward...
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/29/2012 6:40:38 PM)


great card for heartless summoning in mono-black: play it for just two black mana, choose not to sacrifice another creature, undiyng triggers: you have a 5/4 flying for a mere two black mana...sac another undying critter the second time it enters the battlefield to optimize its drawback...
Posted By: heirbauj (5/3/2012 7:09:13 AM)