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Oh look a limited nonrare flying beater in a color other than white or blue
Thank you.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/22/2011 6:32:03 AM)


I like how M12 has a big creature at uncommon for each color. Serra Angel for white, Belltower Sphinx for blue, this for black, Volcanic Dragon for red, and I'm not sure abot green. Cudgel Troll or Carnage Wurm, maybe?
But really, this guy is too good for uncommon. I got one in a draft. My opponent did not want to attack me.
Posted By: JFM2796 (7/28/2011 2:22:55 PM)


I like that each color has an Uncommon flying power-hitter at five or six.
Blue: Belltower Spinx
White: Serra Angel
Black: This
Red: (Okay, this one's at six, but bear with me.) Volcanic Dragon
and Green, despite not having any really good flying creatures, except things like that one Efreet, has:
Stingerfling Spider, which can kill any of the above mentioned.

Got to hand it to them. They built a good draft set-up.
Posted By: TheLionsMane (8/30/2011 12:21:29 AM)


now with innistrad you can get a Curse of the Nightly Hunt out and block all day, clearing the field for other growing vampires like Bloodcrazed Neonate and Rakish Heir.
18 years later, he STILL finds some way to raise hell
Posted By: dontmess17 (11/27/2011 10:32:51 PM)


Serra Angel is now the standard angel in 2012, so it's only fitting that she once again faces off against her oldest foe, the Sengir Vampire.

Sengir Vampire is one of those rare cards that was good when magic first started and is still good today. A 4/4 flyer for 5 cmc is pretty good right off the bat, but throw in its "grow" ability and you've got a damn solid critter. Great for general use, great for combo players, great for beating your opponent's face in. What's not to love?

...actually the art could use some work.
Posted By: yyukichigai (7/23/2011 2:33:16 PM)


Not bad for a 4/4 flyer for 5. The bonus of being able to add +1/+1 counters if he kills something is also very nice. Block with him for a few rounds then go wreck some face!

Posted By: zMrManz (7/26/2011 8:16:51 AM)


All these years and he still pokes his finger in the power outlet.
Posted By: Deco_y (7/7/2011 9:30:43 PM)


I'm glad to see him back, and at Uncommon, which is where he belongs.

Yes, he's not a Baneslayer or a Grave Titan, but he still poses a threat.
Posted By: Radagast (7/21/2011 10:53:19 AM)


Ahhh!! They brought back the stupid looking art. X(
Posted By: Goatllama (7/9/2011 9:58:50 AM)


Well, back in the day you had to use a Siren's Call to feed your Sengir. Now you have Alluring Siren. Seems like even better times to be a Vampire. :D
Posted By: llirreh (7/13/2011 2:35:10 PM)


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