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It's one of the few cards you can search bins for at your local shop and purchase for $.10/$.20 whatever and it's actually worth the cost.
Swamp->Dark Ritual->Hypnotic Specter
Not a bad start for most of the limited games I had played.
Posted By: Fiber13 (5/1/2009 10:17:49 PM)


You guys are really something, you know that? Eppek was obviously pulling your leg...
Anyway, its a great card for a lot lot of black decks, but you have to be careful what you use it on if you want to think ahead. first turn hippie is no good if they swords it immediately, now is it?
But yeah, storm enablers rarely get any better than this, the only one possibly being Cabal Ritual or Manamorphose.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (9/10/2010 11:56:07 AM)


This art looks like a Tarot card. Pretty cool.
Posted By: shapcal (11/9/2011 4:29:30 PM)


a very nasty card when used right.. especially to kick start a game.. i cant believe someone actually doesnt think its worth it... any card that gives more mana out than it costs has to be worth something...
Posted By: spoonish (5/10/2009 12:47:55 PM)


My dream hand would be a swamp, a Dark Ritual, 4 Priest of Gix, and something that costs 3 like Hypnotic Specter.

That or a swamp, 4 Dark ritual, Phage, the Untouchable and Lightning Greaves
Posted By: ObsessedAddict (7/17/2011 8:51:44 PM)


Very comic-style artwork. I don't care. These are kinda pimp. Ice Age Dark Rits. Cool.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (3/9/2012 5:03:00 PM)


For the people who don't understand WHY this is good. I'm going to give an example.

Okay now it's your first turn and you have this and a Swamp in your hand. You play the Swamp and tap it, gaining one black mana. Now you use it to cast Dark Ritual. Now you have 3 black mana. Whoa look at that! you have a Death Baron in your hand! Since he cost only 3 mana to play, you just got a huge advantage over your opponent because you got a great creature out on the first turn instead of the third!

See? I don't understand how some people can't see why this card is good.
Posted By: John-Bender (11/27/2009 3:11:21 AM)


I have to agree with Supernovae, ***180;t just dosen't understand the power of this card. I was in a game where someone got an amazing draw and played a 9 converted mana cost creature (The Sprit of the Night) on the first turn by using this card. He won that game very quickly. This card is one of the ones that I would like to see reprinted again.
Posted By: pajhavok1 (3/26/2009 8:06:52 AM)


if can´t see the vaue of dark ritual you really have a lot to learn.
Posted By: Supernovae (3/4/2009 8:19:07 AM)


@Eppek_the_Goblin: LOL! All it does is let you play a first turn Hypnotic Specter? Who wouldn't play an awesome card like this? Not only that, but you only need one swamp to cast it, no need to splash for mana accel! Oh, and this card is apart of a cycle. The famous 1-for-3 cycle, each color has one. Giant Growth, Healing Salve, Ancestral Recall, Lightning Bolt, and this lovely card right here Dark Ritual. You know, a cycle of cards that everyone plays automatically because of the implied power (except for Healing Salve) and one of them is even banned and restricted. Oh wait, and this thing is an instant? Much better than an on-your-turn only sorcery.
Posted By: opinionfailure (6/7/2010 8:07:55 PM)