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Possibly one of the best DFC in limited, it that both of his forms are relevant. Sure, Kruin Outlaw is better, but is a)rare b)less splashable.
Posted By: BarryOgg (9/22/2011 5:05:34 PM)


Take THAT Porcelain Legionnaire!
Posted By: Gaffy00 (10/10/2011 1:31:22 AM)


As others have said, why does a human, red, WARRIOR with a giant arbalest have p/t of 1/5?

He seems more like he'd be, I don't know, 2/3 first strike?
Posted By: Baconradar (10/7/2011 7:05:30 AM)


@Bonnynoy: You were just joking, right? I'm kinda slow to figure out if people are just being funny or actually being stupid. Sorry.

Well, its human side's color doesn't make much sense flavor-wise . In that aspect, it would have been better as a white human (maybe a even soldier) that transformed into a red 'wolf (like Cloistered Youth). But that wouldn't make much sense gameplay-wise, so better keep it as it is.
I sincerely don't have a clue about how good this is. Human side seems nice enough for blocking because of high-thoughness, while wolf side seems like a big beatstick, and it could be nice to have something to resort to in case you don't have any spells to cast (which happens quite often in Red). But it's not very impressive.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (11/6/2011 6:53:51 PM)


I love the irony present on many of the double-faced cards. Actually, Innistrad might as well be the irony set.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (9/23/2011 12:44:35 AM)


Very interesting card. The low mana cost, I think, might make him playable. Defenders have always been frowned upon because they don't really further your own game; knowing that the defender you just cast for 3 can turn into a big ol' 5/5 juggernaut at the drop of a hat is very nice, indeed.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (9/23/2011 8:05:55 AM)


How doesn't the flavor make sense? He's a watchmen. He guards things, hence defender and warrior. He has the standard werewolf transformation effect, which does go counter to the red, but it makes sense from the perspective of flavor since all werewolves transform the same way (so far). He has such high toughness probably because it's taking into account the walls and armor protecting him. And his power is low because that's normal for archers. Really from a flavor perspective is the only way he makes sense, because really he should be white.
Posted By: JanusAurelius (1/8/2012 10:49:21 AM)


So why exactly did Wizards decide to give each side of double-faced cards a seperate rating system?

I can see this can give them a more distinctive feedback about what players think about either half.
But in that case why didn't they do this for flip and especially split cards? The latter can be easily put into a deck for just either half.

@Dr.Pingas: I don't feel like this is in the wrong color. There have been red defenders before, and this one can easily become a 5 power Fire Wall without spending any mana.
A ping ability would have suited the artwork indeed. And it would have been intersting since you'd have to decide of you want to ping or keep it as a defender (since he'd lose his ability through transforming). But this was probably already good enough for limited as it is.
Posted By: Mode (9/27/2011 5:08:33 AM)


Warrior's shouldn't have defender. >:O
Posted By: Tommy9898 (9/22/2011 10:27:33 PM)


I'm a bit curious as to why a MONO-RED card is a 1/5 defender, that stays such if you play spells, which tends to be red's thing.
They could at least have given him a ping-ability, as he has a crossbow.
What is this? Color pie, why have you forsaken me?
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (9/26/2011 11:02:00 AM)


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