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I suppose you looked at Force of Will and said: Hey, I can play that blue card instead!

It stops the turn 1 Charbelcher win legacy...
Posted By: spectermonger (6/14/2010 4:10:05 PM)


This card should be rated much higher then what it appears to be. In the older formats (such as legacy, or vintage) there are so many decks that are designed to lock out the opponent in the first 2 turns, if it has not already stole the game by generating a ludicrous storm count. If you are a regular magic player in these older formats, you will always need to keep an eye open for spells that have replacement effects for general casting. Now although this card may not be ideal against a storm player, it should generally be very useful against any other annoying lock based deck; Counter-Top, Trinisphere, and I am sure you may know of a few others if you are an avid player. Most lock designed decks need either an artifact or an enchantment to create the such. And at worst, you still get a 3 mana disenchant, well at first glance may seem inferior to white's staple disenchant, although this spell being 3 cmc may improve your chances of going around the lovely and ever so annoying C... (see all)
Posted By: Internet_decks_lame (4/22/2011 11:55:53 AM)


I prefer Aura of Silence.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/26/2009 9:28:43 AM)


Crucible of Worlds.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (8/26/2010 12:42:45 AM)


Mediocre sideboard material and only if Disenchant becomes banned!
Posted By: Opant1 (3/28/2009 7:20:03 PM)


I see what you're doing, mrredhater. You keep comparing cards. If magic were done your way, we would only have one spell of each card type and color. You can't expect every removal spell to be swords to plowshares, because they're not. You can't expect every angel to be Baneslayer, because they're not. It just doesn't work that way. Stop assuming everything is useless because something seems better than it.
Posted By: KokoshoForPresident (3/30/2012 5:36:14 AM)


very good sideboard material in parfait..

pretty handy against nether void, stax and other pesky mana-denial, prison like decks..

you still need to pay 3 mana aside from discarding a plains when nether void is in play, but its better than paying 5 mana when you're using disenchant!

not strictly worse than disenchant!
Posted By: zenitramleirdag (8/16/2012 11:15:13 PM)


I find Abolish is great for backing up the Equipoise/Sands of Time combo. Those two can remove all of your opponent's creatures and most of his lands, but don't touch enchantments and are less effective against artifacts if you're using artifact mana to get around the land restriction. Since you'll have lands accruing in your hand from not playing them, Abolish lets you use them to remove artifacts or enchantments on your opponent's side that the Equipoise misses! What lovely synergy.
Posted By: Kirbster (4/22/2014 2:54:34 PM)


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