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I like to imagine he personally kills every single creature, one by one, with his bare hands. Or by crushing them under his barrel chest.

"Wow, that's a lot of necks! Gonna enjoy snapping all of those!"

"Oh, a giant flying squid thing. Just need to... JUMP and haha! Looks like calamari for dinner tonight!"

"Look, sorry honey, it's just business. No hard feelings!"
Posted By: Villainous1 (1/13/2013 9:46:54 AM)


Haha. I was in a 6 way game where nobody died yet. I had 12 land. I activated his ability and played biorhythm.
Posted By: Secksee (6/30/2012 8:24:03 AM)


@TheWrathOfShane: Because it's a repeatable Wrath of God. At INSTANT SPEED.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (2/13/2013 4:21:53 PM)


Awesome card, but I'm disappointed he isn't a soldier or warrior, flavor-wise.
Posted By: Okuu-chan (8/2/2013 11:07:42 PM)


@Anaxie1 That won't work. When a card mentions its own name, it refers to the card itself, not every card with that name. If it had said "Destroy all creatures except for creatures named Mageta the Lion." it would have worked the way you said.
Posted By: JmLyan (2/24/2014 7:56:24 AM)


Use Thoughtlace on him, and you get...

...Magenta the Lion.
Posted By: OlvynChuru (5/21/2014 8:20:33 PM)


That is basically the most terrifying and impressive activated ability on any creature in history.
Posted By: Kirbster (12/1/2010 7:50:52 PM)


Flavorwise, he's the greatest warrior on the battlefield, and at the end of a great battle, he's the last man standing.
Posted By: nammertime (12/2/2009 9:46:02 AM)


He's called a lion because a lion is a brave person.

He's a great card. You just continuously clear out blockers. Your opponent is pretty much stuck until they find some removal. But I like Martial Coup more.
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/10/2009 7:54:19 PM)


A wrath on a stick, whose ability leaves you with a 3/3 and can go off at instant speed. What's better?
Posted By: Tilon13 (11/14/2008 12:16:54 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!