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Oh Latulla... how could you even compare yourself to Serra? Serra knew her angels were mana hungry so she gave us her Sanctum. Your angels just eat up lands.
Posted By: Satuu (6/18/2011 2:51:13 PM)


What's with all the hate on this card? I just made an Angel deck off the top of my head.

Desolation Angel anyone?
Posted By: Drewsel (7/3/2011 9:49:57 PM)


@DerpKithkin, you tap your lands for mana first, then tap the angel.

Posted By: Tommy9898 (6/15/2010 6:48:45 PM)


I think Latulla must be narcissistic on a legendary scale to think that this thing is better than Serra Angel.
Posted By: SocialExperiment (12/21/2009 10:43:13 PM)


I think this is a pretty interesting card. Granted it's no tournament staple or anything but it makes you think, and that's what a good Magic Card should do. 3.5/5
Posted By: pedrodyl (12/16/2011 8:09:33 PM)


Why hasn't any one seen how wonderful this works with Herald of Leshrac? I know both cards are far from the best out there but the combo would be so evil.
Posted By: Bass1987 (4/2/2011 11:31:25 AM)


@LeMak: Just activate the ability at the end of your opponent's turn. Have a Crucible of Worlds in play too, just in case. Or, use it in response to land destruction or something.

That said, this is still a bad card.
Posted By: nammertime (12/29/2009 9:34:35 AM)


problem with this card is that you have to tap it to activate its ability. i guess maybe if you didnt have to it would make it broken. but it gives your opponent a turn to respond to it assuming they dont on your turn right after you activate its ability. but well in either case youve already sacraficed your lands. then again there are cards that will get them back which you might want to do just to sacrafice them again to the angel.
Posted By: LeMaK (12/18/2009 5:55:08 AM)


the art is bad assassin.

i would put this in a deck that already had second sunrise
Posted By: badmofo (6/25/2011 11:18:36 PM)


Play this card, sacrifice all your lands, then play Armageddon. Then things are looking pretty up for ya.
Posted By: robinhood15 (4/13/2010 8:03:17 PM)