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Hey, it blasts Gavony Township on the same turn it would start making your life difficult.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (10/5/2011 8:50:30 PM)


Maybe this is a bad complaint, but I wish there was Rare land destruction. Maybe destroy 2 lands and gain/deal 4 life for 3BlackRed or 3BlackBlackBlack.

Maybe Wizards is holding off on LD until there's a set where it's really prevalent. Maybe they're waiting to reprint a BlackRed SInkhole.

One way or another, this isn't that great. If it were 3Black or 2BlackBlack, it'd be more playable. (obviously)
Posted By: Ferlord (11/28/2012 12:23:08 PM)


Not a bad two for one land destruction spell, but still prefer Into the Maw of Hell to this.

Awesome artwork.
Posted By: Hayw00d0909 (9/22/2011 7:15:38 PM)


Befoul, Choking Sands, Desecrated Earth, Despoil, Icequake, Rain of Tears, Rancid Earth, Sinkhole, and Stream of Acid. Clearly it should have been an Instant.
Posted By: Singe (10/4/2011 8:58:35 PM)


Ugh, and the reverse power creep of land destruction continues...
Posted By: Atali (10/6/2011 12:02:17 PM)


@mutantman: sorry, anything but the armpit.

@Hayw: while it's true this is two-for-one in the sense that it is Stone Rain + Sacred Nectar, the Nectar part is kind of like a zero-for-one. Life gain can only provide nonzero card advantage if your opponent relies on burn spells instead of creatures or any other type of spells. So we usually think of something like Maw as a 1-for-1 land destruction spell.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (9/23/2011 1:35:00 AM)


Too expensive to hit early to manascrew opponents, and the four life ain't important either. Why not just play befoul? Costs less and is far more versatile. This is just one of those "let's take an existing card, make it overcosted and add a useless boon" set fillers.
Posted By: majinara (10/2/2011 2:46:30 AM)


oh ld, ld, ld... how far you've fallen.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (9/24/2011 2:17:08 PM)


That is not a maw. A maw is a mouth. Those are hands. Hands are not a mouth. Try "Palm of the Mire." Or "Poorly-Groomed Fingernails of the Mire." I would even accept "Stinky Sweaty Armpit of the Mire".

I demand anatomical accuracy in land destruction spells!
Posted By: mutantman (9/23/2011 12:02:15 AM)


Main problem with land destruction spells is that you need cast them asap to hurt your opponent, and 5th turn is far too late. Even 4 mana LD spells don't see much play in limited. Overblown manacost and negligible upside make this card one of the worst in the set.
Posted By: Gavrilo (9/23/2011 1:15:43 AM)


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