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.5 stars? Seriously? Whoever came first and voted before I did either was trolling or clueless.
Posted By: AwesomeEevee (6/29/2011 2:37:23 PM)


vampire aristocrat and phyrexian ghoul are posers. this guy is my favorite. he's a freakin insect!
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (7/8/2011 11:31:21 PM)


Combos with Gravecrawler for uber firebreathing also triggers morbid I think.
Posted By: Ligerman30 (6/3/2012 5:12:26 PM)


The only good nantuko is a dead nantuko, pretty much
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/22/2012 4:36:21 PM)


I disagree, Broodhatch Nantuko is pretty decent nantuko in a token deck, and works wonders when paired with Lure. This guy combos well with any cheap graveyard recursion in {B}, things like Reassembling Skeleton or Bloodghast really help him beat face. Also you can use his ability at instant speed, which can help with Bloodghast...you can swing with both Bloodghast and Nantuko, then depending on how blockers are declared, you can sacrifice creatures to give Nantuko +2/+2 then. Also with Reassembling Skeleton, he essentially also gains {1}{B}: +2/+2 until end of turn.
Posted By: tcollins (5/2/2012 6:02:34 AM)


At first, Bloodghast was the Husk's favourite treat.

And then came the cheaper to purchase, but harder to regurgitate Reassembling Skeleton.

And now, there's Gravecrawler, which, IMO, made the Husk a better pump-sac creature than Bloodthrone Vampire.

Sure, Phyrexian Ghoul does the same, but he's not in Modern. Husk is :D
Posted By: Ferlord (9/11/2012 4:11:24 PM)


Hm. Sengir autocrat curves nicely into a 4 mana +8/+8 spell. I'm sure you could discard Filth and put down Evil Presence for an unblockable 10/10.
Posted By: blurrymadness (1/19/2013 10:22:24 AM)


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