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This guy could have really used a keyword rather than being vanilla. Trample please.
Posted By: lorendorky (6/19/2011 1:14:14 PM)


I have to agree, just looking at the art, it looks pretty trampley. More trampley than Yavimaya Wurm at any rate.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (6/22/2011 2:29:32 PM)


I know every other member of the cycle had a keyword. Haste would have worked too.

I HATE imperfect cycles.
Posted By: JFM2796 (9/16/2011 5:34:58 PM)


I agree with everyone - R&D really screwed up cycling's comeback in Alara Block. I don't know if it was because they put it only in commons or because they were way too cautious while balancing the cards, but none of them ended up looking particularly attractive out of limited. Which sucks, because Cycling is a really good mechanic. At least they did it right with kicker in Zendikar and Flashback in Innistrad.
This card, though, is honestly one of the best cyclers in Alara. It's got not-horrible power/thoughness (unlike the ridiculous 5/1 in Igneous Pouncer), landcycling is useful sometimes, and the versatility is valuable in formats like commander. But it often ends being underwhelming in both ends.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (4/5/2012 8:57:07 PM)


Even just pulling it out of lightning bolt range by making it 6/4 would have *just* put it within the possible realms of playability. As it is, worthless.

It's really unfortunate that most of the landcycling cards suck so hard since it would otherwise be a really great ability. Oh well.
Posted By: RedZeko (1/14/2012 11:54:33 AM)


not terrible in R/G. Although there are are better options for fatties and mana fixing, having both in one card is pretty good. Not great, but good.
Posted By: luca_barelli (3/11/2012 3:43:53 PM)


What the hell is wrong with you guys!? This is a solid commander card. If you are playing any 2+ color commander deck that includes R & G, you pay 2 colorless early game to fetch yourself a Bayou, Badlands, Plateau, Savannah, Taiga, Tropical Island, Volcanic Island or any of the more modern dual lands that have the subtype Mountain or Forest. This card is particularly good in a RG deck that splashes a third color because you can grab a dual land that uses your third color without having to build your deck with a large amount of that type of basic land. The creature portion of the card is just a bonus for when you draw him late game and don't need mana.
Posted By: The_Jabberwocky (5/13/2013 1:57:17 PM)