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Vintage Game:

Turn 1: Ancient Tomb, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Mana Vault, Grim Monolith, Black Lotus.
Turn 2: Play Emrakul.
Turn 3: Profit!
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (8/24/2011 4:59:24 PM)


Turn 1: Island, Sol Ring
Turn 2: Tinker, sol ring into Blightsteel.

Posted By: EisselsEnnui (1/4/2013 8:46:55 PM)


Just picked up this card yesterday! ...and then this play happened in my edh deck:

Turn 1: Island, Sol Ring
Turn 2: Plains, Sculpting Steel (Copying Sol Ring)
Turn 3: Darksteel Citadel, Karn Liberated

I felt a little dirty after that play. EDH is supposed to be casual!

Amazing card. Easy 5/5.
Posted By: TheChort (4/24/2013 7:42:12 PM)


Best friends with anything requiring colorless mana. 5/5
Posted By: MRK1 (7/15/2013 7:53:51 AM)


Now us common folk can get our hands on the preciousssss :o'
Posted By: Crag-Hack (6/19/2011 3:44:51 AM)


The decision to reprint this must have been a tough one. I'm glad they did, because every Commander deck wants a Sol Ring and now this clearly superior card isn't limited to just the players who can afford it.
Posted By: Chamale (6/16/2011 3:44:55 PM)


a must-have in an EDH deck and this art is fantastic. Interesting that it is printed at uncommon when it's last printing was a FTV mythic rare.
Posted By: tantallum99 (7/1/2011 12:52:28 PM)


The first card I find with Tezzeret the Seeker.
Then next turn I am untapping it making twice as much mana.
Posted By: The_Sturm (6/28/2011 3:18:07 AM)


Best mana stone of all time, and one of my favorite cards. 5/5
Posted By: talcumpowder0046 (7/31/2012 1:31:58 PM)


Like a $10 rebate for being a precon!
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (6/17/2011 10:10:32 AM)