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Lim-dul drives a harder bargain than Yawgmoth.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/15/2010 3:01:55 PM)


I believe the Lich is saying "Pay no attention to the Necropotence behind the curtain."
Posted By: DyadyaIstvan (6/28/2010 1:43:49 PM)


Nice draw combo with Dragon Appeasement.
Posted By: Pantheon (10/5/2009 9:04:51 AM)


Fantastic synergy with Cadaverous Bloom. Cycle your hand to get to what you want and you'll hardly even notice the painful drawback.
Posted By: OzymandiasX (6/28/2010 5:34:31 PM)


@JackTheStripper: ...wut? Your friend... Donates... NECROPOTENCE?!?! The best draw engine ever made!?! What is he THINKING!?! I mean, I can see the "combo" at work, but that would be vastly overshadowed by the sheer stupidity of DONATING NECROPOTENCE! For the trouble he takes to create a weak combo that can backfire horribly, he could just have created a perfectly serviceable Necropotence-fueled black deck! But... I guess I have to thank you for telling me about the most mindboggling thing I have heard all day...

Oh, and in regards to Donating this? Yeah, why not, especially when one's already got Necropotence to fill one's draw engine needs.
Posted By: Tiggurix (5/7/2012 8:55:01 PM)


For everyone confused about how this and Necropotence were in the same set...(1) They're variants of two different black cards. Necropotence is a variant of Greed, this of Lich. (2) WotC didn't necessarily understand just HOW powerful Necropotence was going to be; they probably figured the life payment, and the inability to draw cards normally, would make people be cautious about how to use this. (For the record, Necropotence was generally considered to NEED Nevinyrral's Disk in case the can't-draw-normally clause became genuinely deleterious.) Remember that not everyone at WotC back then was thinking in pure Spike terms; the game wasn't designed with tournaments in mind, after all. No one was thinking that anyone would pay 19 life in a single stroke (did ANYONE?). On the other hand, paying 8 life at once was probably QUITE sufficient...

EDIT: Just to clarify...Ice Age was intended to be playable not j... (see all)
Posted By: SkyknightXi (5/12/2012 8:21:05 PM)


Just don't cry when you get Blightning 'ed.
Posted By: Roflmager (4/5/2011 11:07:20 AM)


Wait, I'm kinda confused. This doesn't actually prevent the damage, does it?
Posted By: Superllama12 (1/3/2012 6:46:14 PM)


Donate and then hit them with Pestilence over and again, or Exsanguinate for some serious devastation.
Posted By: jfre81 (4/7/2012 1:48:06 AM)


You pretty much get to blow through your whole deck until you get what you want if you combo this with Cadaverous Bloom.
Posted By: Kirbster (6/3/2012 9:08:57 PM)