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"Hey, lookie here, Alvis! I found jewels in this here dead man's entrails!"
"Jim stop plunging your hands into every corpse you come acro- jewels, you say?"
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/3/2011 2:34:39 PM)


You could Traumatize them, then cast this and use a Blue Sun's Zenith to force them to draw the remainder of their deck and lose if X was more than the cards left.
Posted By: cathode01 (3/26/2011 2:05:46 AM)


This card is dynamite. It both fuels a big-time hitter like Lava Burst AND gives you life. No red/black deck should leave home without it.

Sanguine Bond - Oh baby
Mind Funeral - Give you some ammo there

Posted By: Gaussgoat (5/14/2010 7:17:12 AM)


I really like the creepy artwork and the card is an amazing and overlooked mana (and life) boost. Try it in your Dimir deck to fuel a big Psychic Drain in the late game.
Posted By: holgir (9/23/2009 2:52:29 AM)


This card should actually proof to be pretty useful in a milling deck.
Only gives colorless mana accel unfortunately, but the same amount of life as well which will be pretty handy considering the high amounts of milled cards in the lategame.
It could find some use in a simple removal deck, too.
Posted By: Mode (11/4/2009 6:52:24 AM)


Probably dug those precious gems out of Yu-Gi-Oh's corpse.
Posted By: SHlT (6/19/2011 5:47:37 PM)


Excellent card, great artwork.
Posted By: FragNutMK1 (2/18/2010 10:43:26 AM)



sure its colorless, but since mill decks are usually B/U, you could run it with ambassador laquatus

for every 3 mana you can make them mill 3 more, which is nice to grind out the last of their cards late game
Posted By: Havens (3/26/2010 10:54:50 AM)


Also works well with it's partner Spoils of War, providing just the right amount of mana. However it's definitely been given more "umph" in newer mill decks.
Posted By: markarmor (1/26/2011 10:57:14 PM)


Hey look, he grabbed his FAMILY JEWELS!
BAM, bibbity boo! BOOM BOOM... good joke.

At any rate, I imagine blue black or grixis benefits the most:
-Red/Black have damage X spells for the colorless mana
-blue has milling and draw X for the mana (without losing life or anything)
-mill decks get beat up so you need life whether you win by damage or not
-Also helps to solve the problem of a mill deck being hosed by having damage as a backup

All because this nicely enables X cards. Play with Dark Ritual for best effect (because if you had milled let's say 6 creatures by turn 3, you could dark ritual, spoils of evil, brain geyser for 6. Now you have a branny new hand! D:

Posted By: blurrymadness (6/23/2011 11:56:30 AM)


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