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Sort of proto-totem armor concept with a Kamigawa kind of effect. A little cumbersome but well costed and I am really digging the illustration style on the griffin.
Posted By: AdOutAce (11/2/2012 11:11:22 AM)


@Markov.Loremaster: That's right. Who controls an enchanted creature doesn't effect who controls the enchantments on it, so the aura's owner gets the token.
Posted By: ViashinoWizard (5/17/2013 11:20:54 PM)


Yay dies!
Posted By: HuntingDrake (9/4/2011 3:15:02 PM)


Just to clarify, if the enchanted creature dies while under the control of another player, who gets the 2/2 Griffin token? My instinct is the player who cast Griffin Guide gets the token (since to my knowledge, they still control the enchantment, despite the enchanted creature having switched control). Or am I wrong?
Posted By: Markov.Loremaster (2/19/2013 10:21:15 PM)


I like this card and use it in several decks. If the enchanted creature is unsummoned, does that trigger the 2/2 bird token?
Posted By: tpkatsa (5/20/2013 12:01:12 PM)


No, The creature doesn't the die enchanted creature is returned to it's owners hand and the aura drops into the grave.
Posted By: Awsam (7/21/2013 2:37:13 AM)


thats very good.
+2/+2 flying for 3 isnt bad, and then a 2/2 flyer for 3.

4.5/5. at least.
Posted By: O0oze (12/16/2013 10:11:52 AM)