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Looks a bit like Rambo. Rambo with antlers.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (9/2/2011 2:03:33 AM)


An instant block + one free kill.
Posted By: htgtmd (9/13/2011 8:31:16 AM)


even at 3.967 I think this card is underrated. Has the potential to be a 2-for-1 removal spell AND a 3/3 body, all for the more than reasonable price of four mana and a card.
Posted By: Mickacabra (2/21/2012 5:33:49 PM)


Aronchan, I'm sorry it took so long for you to get a response. First, steps cannot end until the stack is complete (except by card effects like time stop). So, whether you could declare Briarhorn as a blocker during the block step doesn't matter, since it's sacrificed before it can actually reach the damage step where it will block the creature. So, no you can't evoke a blocker, but whether you can evoke a block declaration I'm unsure of. But I am doubtful of it.

Secondly, pandemonium checks power upon the ability's resolution. Meaning you put the Pandemonium effect on the stack first, followed by the +3/+3. Thus, it resolves the +3/+3 boost first for a total of 6/6 when Pandemonium resolves.
Posted By: HotHit (1/31/2013 3:39:19 PM)


@ Hothit, Aronchan

Blockers are declared at the start of the Declare Blockers step, and their declaration does not use the stack. This occurs before players have the chance to cast spells or do anything. The Declare Blockers step begins immediately following the end of the Declare Attackers step. Therefore, there is no time at which you could evoke a creature in order to use it as a blocker. If you do it at the end of the Declare Attackers step, its sacrifice ability will go on the stack and have to resolve before you can proceed to the Declare Blockers step. If you do it at the beginning of the Declare Blockers step, you will have to do it after blockers are declared, and it will be too late to select the evoked creature as a blocker. As noted, in this case its sacrifice ability will resolve before combat damage is dealt, so the creature isn't on the battlefield at the time damage is dealt, either.
Posted By: Antsache (2/28/2013 8:10:42 PM)


The first time i saw someone use a blink to get around the evoke sacrifice, I thought it seemed a little fishy, but i let it pass. If you review the rules, specifically 702.72a, it's very clear that the sacrifice is PART of the casting cost, not a triggered effect. Failure to sacrifice the creature makes the evoke fizzle and the creature goes to the graveyard. It doesn't matter if the creature leaves the battlefield, it still must be sacrificed to fulfill the evoke cost. Any judge that misses this obviously hasn't read the rules closely enough.
Posted By: Oblivax (4/15/2013 6:19:50 PM)


I used to assume evoke makes thing go flash too.
It doesn't though.
Posted By: Tezz (12/1/2011 2:52:58 PM)


Posted By: TPmanW (10/30/2011 1:50:26 PM)


You have to see the Johnny potential here.
Turn 1: island, Sol Ring, inquisitors flail
Turn two: forest, invisible stalker, attach Flail
Turn three: swamp, Sharpened pitchfork, attach pitchfork, swing for 4
Turn four: evoke Briarhorn, target invisible stalker, cast undying evil,
Briarhorn enters as 4/4, target invisible stalker, swing for 16

That effectively makes Briarhorn a 1BlackGreen 4/4 which is great, maybe even rare status with flash and free giant growth. But the second giant growth surely solidifies its rare status. Attack with two giant growth'd creatures or one double growth creature. Or even block with the 4/4 briarhorn and 2 gg creatures or one dg creature, either way its a helluva turn.
Briarhorn is pretty good on its own, but undying makes it EVIL. i give it a 4.5/5 for booty-ass-donkey combo potential.
Posted By: M_E_T_A_L_LORD (3/26/2012 2:45:10 AM)



Is it possible to Evoke Briarhorn and use it as a blocker before you sacrifice it?

If briarhorn comes into play and recieves the +3/+3 itself. Will it then be counted as a 6/6 towards the use of Pandemonium?
Posted By: AronChan (7/19/2012 6:02:04 AM)


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