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Absolutely worth the high CMC if you drop it on the new grixis commander Nekusar the Mindrazer. Either this or Helm of the Ghastlord.
Posted By: tlloyd (10/17/2013 11:09:40 AM)


nekusar the mindrazer combo with blue sun's zenith
Posted By: K34 (1/4/2014 1:44:33 PM)


Helm of the Ghastlord + Whispersilk Cloak + Elder Mastery = Batman? o.o
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/3/2011 2:29:02 AM)


Costly. Powerful effect, but costly.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (9/2/2011 3:49:50 AM)


Considering the amount of mana in the Nicol Bolas Duel deck and the amount of counter spells, this card combined with a Painful Quandary ... is a force to be reckoned with ...
Posted By: MyMintyHouse (10/2/2011 7:06:42 PM)


Costly aura... but lots of flavor, I like it. :)
Posted By: kashonismw (10/16/2011 10:52:36 AM)


for what it costs, it's totally underpowered. if you are playing lots of discard your opponent should have no hand by the time, or he might have played everything as well... way tooooo costly, and I don't like using that argument against card, but seriously...
Posted By: Lueseto (10/27/2011 7:13:08 PM)


Everytime I've ever stuck this card it's done great things for me but I have to agree...sooo expensive.

The discard has helped me win a few times but more often than not their playing aggro and by turn six (at the earliest,) their hand is empty or their playing blue and they're ready with a counter or bounce spell...I hate blue!
I believe MaRo has said the Most unfun thing about magic is having a spell countered, I second the motion!
Exclamation mark!
Posted By: MindAblaze (10/31/2011 8:52:56 PM)


It can be deadly in the Bolas deck, and if you have Nightscape Familiar on the battlefield, then the cost is reduced by 1, which helps.

The Ajani deck doesn't have too many answers to this spell, as a lot of its removal, like Lightning Helix, Searing Meditation or Ajani Vengeant's -2 ability aren't enough to kill the new creature, unless combined. Slap it on Shriekmaw or Jhessian Zombies, and the Ajani deck is almost helpless.
Posted By: SirZapdos (12/21/2011 12:48:42 PM)


To be blessed with a fraction of Lord Bolas' powers... oh to dream...
Posted By: TheWallinator74 (7/2/2012 9:01:32 AM)