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@htgtmd: Sylvan Bounty is way too much mana. For a Green/ White deck, Heroes' Reunion: 1G/1W Instant for 7 Life. For a Mono Green deck, have your brother use Nourish: 2G Instant for 6 Life. Equip Lightning Greaves. That will take care of your Slave of Bolas for the time being
Posted By: corranhorn84 (10/21/2012 9:51:50 AM)


Slap a Behemoth Sledge on this guy and go to town.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (9/1/2011 10:46:11 PM)


"But no matter, no matter, things have changed. I CAN TOUCH YOU... NOW! "
Posted By: RikerBlake (11/13/2011 1:30:54 PM)


Mechanically, this card is obviously great for Ajani Goldmane (look at Core Set 'signature spells)

The main wierd thing I see about this card...it's from Mirrodin. The plane that's about the most opposite you can think of to Naya's shard of Alara. Maybe some people see past that quickly, and notice how in all other respects the card really does feel very Ajani-ish. It's just...seeing the wonderful work they did on Lightning Helix, I was hoping they would give art for this one that changed it from being an elemental in the Tangle to being a non-metal jungle/forest elemental. Too bad they only get a few art commissions for these decks...

Nice card, I'm just a very picky Vorthos. :P
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/3/2011 1:38:10 AM)


Behemoth Sledge, heck, Celestial Mantle!
Posted By: TheHandyman (11/1/2011 10:23:57 AM)


Love it when I equip my 50/50 with Behemoth Sledge gaining trample.
Posted By: Knarkfisk (10/18/2011 5:04:31 AM)


Armadillo cloak FTW
Posted By: Lueseto (11/3/2011 7:18:30 PM)


I don't know who rated TheHandyman's comment less than 5/5, but I'll assume they thought doubling a life total did not count as "gaining life". It does. Check out the rulings on Celestial Mantle if you don't believe me.
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (4/20/2012 8:35:54 PM)


Love this card so much. Behemoth Sledge all the way...

Note: Does NOT work with Beacon of Immortality as that "doubles" your life total. It does not "gain" you life as such.
Posted By: Black-Blue (7/9/2013 6:05:58 PM)


Wall of Reverence has a new best friend. And lifelink Equipment cards just make things ridiculous.
Posted By: RobinHood3000 (2/16/2012 5:55:08 PM)