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@G.VanHaym Unfortunately, no; the Gates are lands, but not Forests, Plains, Mountains, Swamps, or Islands (at least, none so far).

Just wish this was a Mountain Swamp, so Farseek and other cards could find it in the deck.
Posted By: Curlie-Joe (1/16/2013 4:30:00 PM)


@ TimmyForever

Dude, chill.
Posted By: Jake1991 (7/6/2012 11:38:20 AM)


Printing a solid 5/5 card 4 years in a row is a bad thing? No matter how many times this cycle gets reprinted, I will NEVER have enough of these. There is just no pleasing some people.
Posted By: FirstPrime (7/6/2012 12:16:08 PM)


@TimmyForever: Dude, lern 2 troll.
Posted By: blindthrall (7/8/2012 2:17:19 AM)


Hello eureka moment as to why this cycle is in M13, rather than the shocklands. It has to do with the Isolated Chapel cycle in Innistrad. It wouldn't make sense to include both these five AND the shocklands in the same set--one or the other, not both. So, this half-cycle stays in the main set, and RTR block will progressively yield the returned shocklands. End result: By the time the third RTR set comes out, both the full Glacial Fortress and Hallowed Fountain sets will be available. Otherwise would have put opposed-color decks in Standard slightly ahead of allied-color decks in the mana-fixing department.
Posted By: SkyknightXi (7/9/2012 10:23:21 AM)


I am a pro and have decided to include this card in all of my red/black decks.
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/2/2012 3:32:47 PM)


Wow Timmy, who was it that hurt you? Can you show me on the doll where they touched you?
Posted By: niallcmurray86 (12/28/2012 6:24:23 PM)


Newbie here. If I played Rakdos Guildgate on the previous turn, do I play this land untapped?
Posted By: G.VanHaym (12/9/2012 5:30:55 PM)


I've made a habit of calling this "Skullcrusher Mountain", after the Jonathan Coulton song. BlackRed just seems like the perfect color combination for that.
Posted By: Continue (4/2/2013 7:13:01 PM)