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YES! Thank you for bringing mythics back to what they're supposed to be! Powerful, big, splashy, but not necessary to be competitive! I feel they've done a good job with that in Innistrad and Dark Ascension. While I do agree that he is a little underpowered, putting this at rare woulda murdered drafts

EDIT: I just pulled this, the art is AMAZING on the actual card, and it turns out that in mono-red token control, it is really good. Totally worth the mythic, because it's huge, a dragon, and has a fun, unique ability. Also, this would NOT have murdered drafts, because this is not Alara block, there isn't enough mana fixing to run this unless you're in mono-red, in which case, I hope you have enough resources to pull it off!
Posted By: Superllama12 (3/19/2012 3:54:04 PM)


Posted By: NARFNra (5/5/2013 9:59:17 PM)


I don't get why everyone's hating on this card. There's plenty to line, here! Sure, Spikes should look elsewhere, but Timmies (and even the occasional Johnny) should enjoy it.

For those criticizing the mechanics, why? Nothing like this has been done before, so it's unique. Who cares if it obseletes Shivan Dragon? (Not that it even does, it costs more R than Shivan) and Shivan wasn't even fantastic in the first place (fun, awesome, but not exactly competitive.)

As for the flavor, I think it's neat. Benevolent dragons are quite common in today's fantasy, so what's wrong with Magic tossing one in? Plus the art is awesome.
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (5/31/2012 2:25:35 PM)


This card is extremely powerful. Just one other creature out and his ability is essentially +2/0 for Red. Two other guys and its +3/0 for Red.

See why its mythic now?
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (4/24/2013 5:05:19 PM)


It's got to be the prettiest (and most devastating) dragon card ever!
I combine it with utvara hellkite (when a dragon attacks it puts a 6/6 dragon with flying into play)
and a helkite tyrant (6/5 flying trample) Just power all of them (and the tokens) and your openents life drops to 0 fast.
(pulled that combo on my friend and watched him squirm!)
if you have a multi-color deck just use a cromatic lantern and make everything red.
Posted By: TheDragonPlainswalkr (4/12/2013 3:08:45 PM)


I want a stained glass window made of this art.
Posted By: thexmanlight (10/11/2013 10:35:26 AM)


I'd go so far as to call this the most beautiful dragon in Magic.
Posted By: Destroy2777 (9/16/2012 9:50:14 AM)


Yo, Shivan Dragon, Imma going to let you finish, but Moonveil Dragon is one of the best dragons of all time. OF ALL TIME!

Seriously. Shivan used to be one of the most powerful creatures around. This one has same CMC, same P/T, a slightly larger color weight... but for that you get like... Battle Cry Breathing!!!
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (4/28/2012 2:59:16 PM)


YOU get Firebreathing and YOU get Firebreathing, everybody gets Firebreathing!
Posted By: Hackworthy (2/2/2012 3:18:25 AM)


I'm gonna go with recent releases from M13: Fervor, Krenko's Command and Krenko, Mob Boss all love this card. Why? Turn 6, you play this and swing with a flying 5/5, after playing Krenko. Turn 7, you tap Krenko for more tokens, and use Moonveil Dragon's ability to boost all of the tokens up by 5+ power. Then you have a swarm of haste Goblin tokens attacking, each with 6-8 power, depending on your mana. Either way, unless your opponent has his own token army, or an amazing god-draw of mass removal, you probably win. No, most likely you do win. This just makes red tokens amazing.
Posted By: AeternusEclipse (9/11/2012 2:09:31 PM)