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I call him Mikaeus the Hollowed. Because that satisfies my dark soul.
Posted By: TexasDice (9/17/2013 10:21:27 AM)


I just dropped him and then Demon of Death's Gate...so...that was fun. Nothing like sacrificing three creatures so they come back stronger, and also having a 10/10.
Posted By: Zebra_Lord (9/2/2013 2:18:16 PM)


What a grumpy gus. Liliana resurrects him just to ask him one stupid question, and suddenly he hates all humans.
Posted By: Totema (5/14/2012 12:35:19 AM)


This guy is a nexus of combos waiting to happen.
His CC will more or less ensure his antics are confined to Casual and EDH decks
(or possibly Reanimator), but DAMN!

He breaks Flash even more than it already was-
*any* nonhuman creature can be cast for 1U, and they get +2/+2 to boot!

Similarly, you can Evoke a creature like Shriekmaw to kill two creatures and get a 5/4 for 1B. Not bad.

I don't exactly see this guy having much of an impact on Standard,
but I suspect he will feature prominently in several casual Combo decks...
He enables too many infinite/insane combos to be ignored.
Posted By: drpvfx (2/6/2012 5:27:41 PM)


Not another 'good/neutral guy' turned into bad/evil. Can we have a few 'bad guys' turned good for a change?

His abilities are quite awesome though, with all your creatures gaining undying and +1/+1, removal is like helping you instead of killing your creatures

And killing humans attacking you renders some soldier/knight/cleric decks helpless
Posted By: Paladin85 (1/26/2012 10:30:20 PM)


In a zombie/cleric deck, he pairs quite nicely with Rotlung Reanimator. The creature comes back and you get a zombie token? Now that just doesn't make sense.
Posted By: Kirbster (1/28/2012 6:39:49 PM)


Comboed with any creature that has persist to create infinite recursion, my favorite would be Murderous Redcap with a sacrifice engine for infinite damage dealt. A 5/5 with intimidate is not exactly anything to sneer at either, presenting a 4 turn clock assuming nothing else is happening. I will be very happy if i pull one of these.
Posted By: jsttu (1/26/2012 9:53:55 PM)


Use with Glen Elendra Archmage to make everyone hate you.
Posted By: SwordOfKaldra (1/26/2012 3:19:42 PM)


Infinate damage combo with Triskelion. Damn.
Posted By: Dennoire (2/2/2012 3:40:42 AM)


I believe Bender said it better:

"Kill all humans... kill all humans... must kill all humans..."
Posted By: Arachnos (4/11/2012 2:33:07 PM)


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