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Now there's Thought Scour. Ye will be missed, o' great casual tutor-counterer.
Posted By: Lord_of_the_Real (1/28/2012 12:40:59 AM)


@Names_Suck: I think you're overstating the card a bit here.
You have a good point, but this card only gets useful if your opponent uses any topdecking control in the first place. No Brainstorm or Sensei's Divining Top or the like, and your opponent pretty much won't care about a single random card in his library hitting the graveyard.
Additionally, it's not a cantrip but a 'slowtrip', and that's another big disadvantage.

If even I could rather imagine this with some combo to target yourself, so you get something into the graveyard that you do want there. But Entomb will likely be an easier choice for that.
Posted By: Mode (7/23/2011 1:53:57 PM)


Doesn't seem to shabby to me. It's a card drawing spell that can also be used to take off the top card of their library if you know what it is.
Posted By: dudecow (1/11/2010 12:07:55 PM)


This has to be the best counter to Mirage Block tutors.

Not to mention useful against other blue: they reorder the top of their library and you remove what they likely wanted most for 1 and cantrip.

And thats without even putting it in a mill deck. Vastly underrated.
Posted By: Names_Suck (2/1/2011 2:52:12 PM)


@Names_Suck: I never thought of that. That's a good idea. This card isn't as horrible as I thought.
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (2/5/2011 8:05:10 PM)


This would make my friend's elemental tutor deck cry sad, sad, fiery, sad tears.
Posted By: Deepfried-Owls (5/23/2011 11:08:57 PM)


Ok cantrip. Not as good as thought scour tho.
Posted By: TheDementiaBat (6/4/2012 6:10:57 PM)