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... So it WAS real!
Posted By: ThisisSakon (9/26/2012 12:47:43 AM)


Supreme Verdict can't be countered you say? Oh let me just ignore it and copy my 8/8.
Posted By: Domak (10/7/2012 3:53:44 PM)


This. Is. Bonkers. Predicting a serious breakout of this card, instant tournament staple. Geist, anyone? Poof! Your creatures are indestructible! And you get a 4/4 Angel token you get to keep! Not to mention being the anti-Wrath. This is a very dangerous, powerful win condition for token decks, and White Tokens is already an established strategy after Innistrad. And it's common, and only 3 mana. Holy moly.
Posted By: Nucleon (9/25/2012 4:01:52 PM)


@9headedhydra: He's full of horse excrement. Copying a creature only copies what the creature actually is; it doesn't copy the auras attached to it, and it certainly doesn't make 1-turn effects permanent.
Posted By: Totema (12/2/2012 11:13:18 PM)


Works fantastic with Geist of Saint Traft
Posted By: CammyWhite (9/25/2012 6:23:51 PM)


Anything that gives every creature you control indestructibly is great. The populate is just gravy.

Do you play tokens? White weenie? Tired of having Bonfire wreck your face?
Posted By: snazzycool (9/26/2012 1:14:19 AM)


This + Geist = tier 1 deck.
Posted By: Firesplitter. (9/26/2012 1:51:00 AM)


Use with supreme verdict to stop all shenanigans and win the game. 1 blue mana wont be hard for a G/W deck to manage, especially with gates, shocks and chromatic lantern. Such a great card and possibly the cheapest populate effect per CMC(it could even be considered a "free bonus" when you consider the actual cost of making all your creatures indestructible)

Shoe in as a 4 of in any token or detain/soldier deck. Works well with spirits, birds, vampires(sorins tokens) or vigilant knights in B/W or B/G/W. Even works with talrand, my new favorite populate buddy. And of course, geist... Yawn, he's so played out already tho.
Posted By: Vakyoom (9/26/2012 4:27:43 AM)


Even for one more mana, I like this over Break of Day. Not to mention it's one of the best commons of the set.
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (9/28/2012 9:45:41 PM)


This card is an incredible mix of offensive power and defensive utility. It "counters" boardwipes, lures your opponents into unfavorable blocks, lets you chump-block large creatures without losing anything, grants you an instant blocker to take out an attacking creature or grants you a surprise creature at the end of your opponent's turn ready to attack on yours.
Defensively it works in much the same way as Druid's Deliverance, where if the opponent attacks, you don't take damage and get the opportunity to attack past their creatures with an extra creature. I'd suggest running 4 of both if you're planning on making a populate deck.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (12/28/2012 7:06:34 PM)


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