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He's got magical stats, an efficient cost, and a bonus ability if you're playing with gates, I don't see what's not to like here. I love that he doesn't require gates to be effective, especially considering that even if you're using gates, you're not guaranteed to have one by turn 4.

As TowerDefender said, that 5 toughness allows him to survive Mizzium Mortars, one of the harshest removal cards in Standard right now. On the other hand, he's also got 2 power, which is enough to take out bears and the occasional top-heavy First Striker.

Heck, you don't even need the gates to give him Vigilance, Hold the Gates does it automatically and buffs your whole lineup when the gates do arrive. Curves nicely, too.
Posted By: Ataraxiom (9/17/2013 12:55:03 PM)


I want to see them go somewhere with these situational gate cards. I want "gate decks" to be viable, please.
Posted By: RAV0004 (9/28/2012 2:34:12 PM)


Not bad in limited and even better if you control a gate.
Posted By: chrome_dome (1/6/2013 7:23:45 AM)


He has Dimir flavour text because that guild still exists. It's not like Dimir, Orzhov, Simic, Gruul and Boros have no part in this block. Ravnica still has ten guilds, and I like cards that remind us of that. I'd also be glad to see references to these first five in Gatecrash.
Posted By: Cazaric (11/18/2012 3:18:01 PM)


Expected him to be 2/4. This isn't an unplayable card.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (9/26/2012 3:17:26 AM)


Dodges Mizzium Mortars at least, 5 lifegain with Trostani in the field, just a shame the power is low. Suits kitchen table decks perhaps.
Posted By: TowerDefender (5/10/2013 3:25:32 AM)


Why the Dimir flavor text in a RTR card? I must say though, more low CMC giants is a good thing in my opinion. I want to see a giant for R.

Edit: I have been drafting RTR and this guy ends up in almost all of my decks, great to enchant or give trample and power boosts
Posted By: lorendorky (10/16/2012 9:12:19 PM)


The flavourtext is more playable than this card.
Posted By: Firesplitter. (9/26/2012 12:41:41 AM)


2/5 for 4 is...undesirable, if functional. 2/5 vigilance for 4 is better, but still not much of a presence. Limited fodder, but functional limited fodder.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (4/30/2013 6:45:37 AM)


Really, REALLY reminds me of that 5-cost 2/5 with soulbound vigilance, Spectral Gateguards
In fact, this is the closest thing to that: It doesn't have normal vigilance, it has situational vigilance.

Not too bad, but definitely never seeing constructed play.
Posted By: Ferlord (9/27/2012 8:51:19 PM)


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