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May want to pack a Despotic Scepter when carrying this around.

On a side note, I have a hunch that shortly after the scene portrayed, every scammer in Keyhole Downs was quick to remove all mirrors from the premises...
Posted By: SkyknightXi (9/25/2012 8:09:00 PM)


I, for one, am in love with the bounce-a-licious-ness of this card. So many options, ahh!

So like the one guy said, you play islands and counter your opponents spells for the first few turns. Start stealing their stuff(like fatties and planeswalkers), which they'll never get back. Then toss in stuff like vanishment, cyclonic rift, detention sphere and oblivion ring to get your conjured currencies back on the field under your control. Don't forget switcheroo.

You can even include cloudshift and ghostly flicker to get your own permanents back from your opponent. This is not a bad card, people just have no imagination. Ramp this card is a U/G/W deck built to *** your opponent off... It could get real funny.

5/5 for sexy combo options, flavor text and the word "nor" :D
Posted By: Vakyoom (9/25/2012 10:02:25 PM)


Strictly useful for convoluted combos, possibly involving the likes of Zedruu the Greathearted. It makes my inner Johnny happy, but I hope I don't pull it in sealed...
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (9/26/2012 12:57:57 PM)


Why isn't this card's flavor text "Shut up and take my money!" ?
Posted By: CloudAran2 (8/19/2013 9:19:17 PM)


Why not play both?
T1-5: Counter your opponents stuff while playing islands
T6: Island, Conjured Currency
T7+: Steal their fatty. Continue to play islands, then steal their fatties/other stuff if they steal your Islands. Otherwise, play more Conjured Currencies to steal their fatties if they play them, and if they're too scared, beat them down with the fatty you got from them.
Of course, this is speaking casually...
Posted By: FatalEagle (9/25/2012 6:12:19 PM)


Table top with brand sounds good.
Posted By: Drauglim (9/25/2012 7:55:30 PM)


Won't show up in any tournament decks, but can be funny for casual.
Posted By: majinara (9/26/2012 2:07:06 AM)



I have a multiplayer deck whose purpose in life is to send permanents flying around the board everywhere (Dominus of Fealty, Bazaar Trader, Shuriken) and generally be a good guy to everyone (Barbed Shocker for people with bad hands, Spectral Searchlight for people who are mana screwed, etc), thereby balancing out the game and ensuring everyone gets a fair go (at each other, not me, of course). This will fit in perfectly.
Posted By: LordRandomness (9/27/2012 4:45:03 AM)


And if I enchant Conjured Currency with Confiscate, this would be a loop? :D
Posted By: filipaco (7/17/2013 2:00:14 PM)


I love the art, mirror tells the truth!
Posted By: Cyberium (9/25/2012 7:39:48 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!