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really... a 3.8/5? Platinum Angel gets a 4.3/5 and this, which sees moderate constructed play in unburial rites and pod decks and wins you the game pretty much every time gets a 3.8/5?

@Banekiller: Gisela dies to removal immediately. If somebody kills this with removal, it still has an effect because notice that it sends the stuff to the controller's hand rather than field? Gisela is nice for casual, but this is effectively a one sided board wipe and it paves wins in constructed. That's why it's much more expensive than Gisela.

It's a beautiful mythic. It's a huge threat and really powerful but it still takes planning and practice to use properly. It's not just a dumb beater. This is exactly what a mythic should be like.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (4/15/2013 12:40:03 AM)


This looks like a fine target for Unburial Rites to me...
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (9/25/2012 7:32:52 PM)


This card is severely underrated. It is a huge bomb, exiling you opponents' fatties, even ones wich pose a threat from their graveyards. Even if they don't have something you deem threatening, you can use it to exile creatures from YOUR graveyard, because, "When Angel of Serenity leaves the battlefield, return the exiled cards to their owners' hands." HANDS! HANDS! Even if it gets removed as soon as it came in, you removed the creatures from the battlefield! This card is sick!
Posted By: flavioal28 (10/4/2012 8:42:58 PM)


Anyone who rated her less than a 4 doesn't understand the power she has. Getting rid of three of their creatures, or three problem graveyard-shenanigan dudes they have, or getting back three of your dudes when she comes in is really strong - that's more often than not an entire board state turnaround. And a 5/6 flier is very strong on its own right. And the fact that the cards return to their owners' hands - so they still don't immediately get their dudes back, or they have to find another way to put their guys in their graveyard - that's so key.
Posted By: Magnor_Criol (10/5/2012 11:00:09 PM)


AKA super Fiend Hunter.

... or the hunter's master. I dunno, maybe he planewalked or something.
Posted By: Ferlord (9/25/2012 9:21:35 PM)


I just nabbed this card in a booster pack. I've been playing MTG for 5 days and my buddy who has been playing for years is wicked jealous. :)
Posted By: famguy123 (12/8/2012 8:21:47 PM)


She's the best travel agent around, setting up awesome journeys for you and up to two friends or relatives! Act now, don't delay!
Posted By: LordRandomness (9/27/2012 3:47:19 AM)


All of my decks get a reworking thanks to RtR! Casual, standard, etc. This MIGHT make it into standard, depending on what Gatecrash brings us. Remember how Elesh Norn cost too much?

Anyway, this card, no this whole set, makes me shed tears of joy!
Posted By: ThisisSakon (9/25/2012 9:46:40 PM)


Color Pie be darned, I wish this thing had Flash, maybe if it was given some U in its cost and Azorius flavor. Being able to suddenly exile a huge chunk of the board/graveyard as a combat trick would just be so dang handy.
Posted By: Nucleon (9/25/2012 4:28:27 PM)


Niiice, a Fiend Hunter in steroids.

Just bounce for more exiling shenanigans.
Posted By: ExzcellionGamma (9/30/2012 11:29:54 PM)