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It's dangerous to go alone, take this token.
Posted By: Axelle (9/28/2012 10:18:30 PM)


Populate means you could target any token creature, not necessarily the centaur you just put into play.
Posted By: Cyberium (9/25/2012 7:43:56 PM)


Phenomenal art.
Posted By: lorendorky (9/26/2012 1:06:23 AM)


You can tell from this card's rating that people are still getting used to populate.
On turn 5, create an 8/8 vigilance token with Grove of the Guardian. Then use this to get a 3/3 and an 8/8 vigilance...for 6 CMC. And it's a common!
Posted By: Richters (10/6/2012 9:16:59 PM)


Parallel Lives.
Posted By: franks1no (9/27/2012 6:33:03 PM)


Killed me in the prerelease, then I used it to kill someone afterward.
Deadly in limited, but in constructed, Armada Wurm is obviously better.
Posted By: Okuu-chan (9/30/2012 4:36:22 AM)


if the thing you populate with this spell is a centaur creature token, you're not doing it right.
Posted By: caldur06 (10/8/2012 1:45:43 AM)


At worst it's 6 mana for 6 power across two creatures. At least it's a card with a good amount of value.
Posted By: Johnald (10/5/2012 9:44:19 AM)


Six mana gets you this or Armada Wurm. Hmmmmm...
I hate it when there are (almost) strictly better cards in the same exact set. And Armada Wurm's only excuse is that it's mythic rare. Smh
Posted By: pedrodyl (10/27/2012 12:52:06 PM)


This card isn't very cost effective, however, it will see draft play. I don't expect it to see much standard play though, maybe if it was 5cmc... But not 6.
Posted By: Vakyoom (9/25/2012 10:08:25 PM)