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Two stars, people? This thing with a drawback is over three. Same rarity, better-supported creature type, still pretty good art. Doesn't that mean, especially in Return to Ravnica's slower, overcosted limited environment, that we are objectively wrong here?
Posted By: Minus_Prime (9/27/2012 3:25:33 PM)


Posted By: Goatllama (9/26/2012 3:08:58 PM)


"Functional reprint of Flameborn Hellion with different creature type. It's alright."
@avimkv It's not only a functional reprint, it's even a strictly version - you don't have to attack with this.

Oddly enough, despite this fact the hellion's rating is currently about twice as good.
Posted By: Mode (9/30/2012 1:27:52 AM)


The more Beasts they print the happier I am, I love the subtype.
Posted By: lorendorky (9/25/2012 11:38:11 PM)


People really underestimate these huge hasted creatures. The Igneous Pouncer wins me games(Not through landcycling, but attacking), and this offers higher toughness and more splashability. I don't see why people don't like it.
Posted By: Binaro (10/13/2012 8:52:03 PM)


Perhaps this is downrated because the name and flavor text imply this has trample.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (10/13/2012 5:26:16 AM)


Functional reprint of Flameborn Hellion with different creature type. It's alright.
Posted By: avimkv (9/26/2012 11:03:21 AM)


Pros like me know that this guy is a beast.
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/27/2012 9:29:19 PM)


Playable (but not great) in limited. Unplayable everywhere else.
Posted By: majinara (9/26/2012 3:34:00 AM)


Huge, random, clunky creatures seems to be a theme of this set. This one is like the others - oddly huge, overcosted, and unplayable outside of Limited.
Posted By: Radagast (10/5/2012 6:39:49 PM)