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"We must print this in every block."
"Uh, won't that get really annoying when it shows up in everyone's booster packs?"
-R&D, the day after someone suggested colorshifting Disenchant
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (9/1/2012 9:50:49 PM)


As said, new art is staying. :)
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (7/6/2012 5:44:00 PM)


im sooo glad they kept the innistrad art
Posted By: KnexWiz (7/9/2012 11:13:47 AM)


Although this is far-fetched to say, Naturalize may be one of the most side-boarded card.

You wouldn't play it in your main deck, because you have to assume that your opponents deck won't have Artifacts/Enchantments. However, if they were playing some, the cost isn't too problematic to deal with (unlike Wear Away).

It's a great idea to keep reprinting Naturalize in the Core Sets. With the expansion of ramp spells since the Modern-Era (8th Edition +) and anti-support like this, Green has moved from just big creatures to the support colour.
Posted By: Ferlord (7/9/2012 10:30:35 PM)


A must in green sideboard
Posted By: lithium123 (8/5/2012 12:31:45 AM)


A must in green maindeck... To bad this does not stop Rancor. Its a sad standard when people question you for maindecking this...

I think disenchant was a color pie mistake. This is perfect.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (12/16/2012 12:14:16 PM)


Dear Wizards,

I promised I would post on every Naturalize on the gatherer from now on, my life has become much more busy, but I still remember my promise. It seems that you have as well (it wasn't really a promise, but, if you recall, I greatly disliked that ugly ball thing on the previous Naturalizes).

I am pleased, quite pleased, Innistrad was quite flavorful, had some nice art, and this is one.

With much love,
Posted By: ICEFANG13 (7/16/2012 12:03:49 AM)


So jacked that stupid orange ball is finally gone for good
Posted By: SuicidalTendancies (7/8/2012 10:12:57 AM)



Love the Innistrad art in this venerated reprint. <3
Posted By: CapnShapiro (7/6/2012 7:00:48 AM)


A very useful card that pros like me use consistently.
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/3/2012 8:29:35 PM)