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It would've been awesome if his flavor went like "He knows the name of every elf born in the last two/three/four/five centuries" in different core sets to give him a feeling of aging through out the years of reprinting.
Posted By: GreenDzin (7/7/2012 2:49:49 AM)


Hoping for this card to find its place in standard with Ravnica!
Posted By: Destruction3402 (8/23/2012 6:01:51 AM)


4/5 Insane mana ramp with both llanowar and arbor in standard, gave me a turn 4 craterhoof behemoth with 5 other dudes out.
Posted By: RainbowCrash (9/2/2012 4:45:13 AM)


This is a cool and very strong twist on Priest of Titania. Anyway I hope that he'll be not reprinted in Magic 2014 and make room for other interesting green lords. There are a lot of tribes which didn't get any love from wizards for a long time. Beasts, centaurs, wurms, insects, even druids, hydras, squirrels or snakes would be nice. As cool as he is but four years of Elvish Archdruid are enough in my opinion.

EDIT: So the new block after Return to Ravnica will be Theros and apparently it will feature greek mythology. As far as I know there are no Elves in greek mythology so hurray for a Centaur lord! :-)
Posted By: Ameisenmeister (5/14/2013 9:01:49 AM)


And now for something completely different: Anyone ever try running this in Simic colors with Infinite Reflection? Lot 'o' mana?
Posted By: atemu1234 (6/5/2013 2:06:06 PM)


turn 1-forest, llanowar elves/arbor elf
turn 2-forest, elvish archdruid/fyndhorn elder
turn 3-forest, primeval titan/terra stomper, opponent runs away crying for mom.
Posted By: O0oze (7/12/2013 5:09:09 AM)


Well we do know that there's elves on Ravnica. He might see standard play this year!
Posted By: Totema (7/5/2012 11:15:04 PM)


" Arrgh, this overpowered shit card is annoying. Why doesn't it die and make room for good, balanced green creatures? "

@Han***y : Not that overpowered. Green is the king of ramping and you need to run many elves if you want this broken.
Posted By: Anzu-chan (10/8/2012 9:47:22 PM)


Mana in your mana pool is emptied on step and phase change.
Posted By: Burgertog (2/12/2013 9:04:23 PM)


Including this dude, there are like 5 elfs in 2013. I don't really play Limited (or Standard), but I still wonder if that is enough to make this dude. But I really have no idea in practice.
Posted By: TomTomat (7/5/2012 6:17:32 PM)