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I don't see how people can ever rate Negate low.

Negate is and always will be a saviour in so many situations.
Posted By: Anggul (7/20/2012 4:58:14 PM)


When it comes to two drop counters, this is one of the best. Obviously Mana Leak is more useful in most formats, and Counterspell is virtually strictly better at times, but this is definitely not a bad counter, and has advantages over both.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (8/31/2012 12:36:35 PM)


Wizards, don't listen to the haters. There are many players happy to see this card in all core sets since M10.
Posted By: NuckChorris (8/20/2012 3:16:17 PM)


Glad to see mana leak rotate. Its sad when every deck with Blue runs x4 of the same card.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (10/21/2012 6:34:40 AM)


Doesn't counter creatures, it only counters instants, sorcery, planeswalkers, enchantments, artifacts......DAMN. 5/5
Posted By: GlintKawk42 (4/28/2013 1:30:45 PM)


I want Wizards to reprint this card with new wording...

Choose one — Counter target instant spell; or counter target sorcery spell; or counter target noncreature artifact spell; or counter target enchantment spell; or counter target planeswalker spell.
Posted By: NickDay (5/23/2013 10:27:59 AM)


Perfectly balanced spell.

But it needs new art...now.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (10/20/2012 4:04:39 PM)


While it's disappointing to see Mana Leak leave Standard, that may not necessarily be a bad thing. If you pass the turn with two mana open, your opponent is even less sure what you have in your hand, potentially making him or her more willing to take a chance and play something you can counter.
Posted By: ThePantsAreDead (7/7/2012 6:47:49 AM)


only down side only works on creature spells
Posted By: nartin10 (10/8/2012 5:56:32 PM)


This artwork suuuuux. What is even being negated? Something coming out of some goblin's hands? This would make sense on Oblivion Ring but not the card it's attached to.

That being said... 5/5 Negate rules.
Posted By: mflanaga (11/6/2012 9:36:52 AM)